Best Of FORBES: The Bitcoin Ghostwriter Who Wasn’t, Inside Kitchens Of The Future

By March 25, 2014Bitcoin Business
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“Tomorrow, Forbes will host its first Reinventing America Summit in Chicago, Illinois, a congress of more than 300 innovators, business leaders, growth-focused policy makers and academics who are helping usher in the next industrial revolution.

Leading up to the event, we’ve asked a few of our speakers to give us some quick insights into how they see economic conditions in the country – and their view on the future” — Vanna Le. Read Shahid Khan Believes The Future Is Bright For U.S., Auto Industry

“Meet Hal Finney, a dying man who had been something like a far-more-brilliant Forrest Gump of cryptographic history: a witness to and participant in practically every important moment in the recent history of secret-keeping technologies” — Andy Greenberg.

“Netflix was stumbling again Thursday, with shares in the red for the 14th time in the last 15 sessions. But the streaming video and DVD-by-mail outfit is hardly the only high-flier from 2013 that has come back down to Earth in 2014″ — Steve Schaefer. Read Choppy Market Roughs Up Last Year’s Stock Darlings

“Sail over to and you will find a picture of blue ocean paradise sure to entice anyone dealing with this winter’s cold. But sailing hasn’t always been smooth for 101 ship strong cruising company in recent year. With shares down more than 3% to as low as $38.11 in Tuesday morning trading, its first quarter financial results are proving to be no exception” — Samantha Sharf. Read Carnival Shares Sink On Per Share Loss

“Non-morning people, picture this: rolling out of bed, hitting a button on your iPhone, and dragging yourself bleary-eyed into the kitchen to find a freshly-brewed cappuccino waiting. Top Brewer–perhaps the most enticing of the high-end appliances on display at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show in New York last week–is a latte machine with an app” — Erin Carlyle.

“Winning in the NCAA Tournament is a huge deal for the teams involved, and even their conference rivals, thanks to NCAA payouts that reward conferences for tournament success. Another group that stands to reap wealthy financial rewards are the coaches still drawing up gameplans after two rounds of tournament play” — Chris Smith.


“My first sales trip for FORBES was a stop in Detroit in August 2010, memorable for the heat, humidity and a chilly reception. I was pitching BrandVoice, then called AdVoice. The ad agencies and clients we visited didn’t quite get what we were talking about. Still, we pressed on with a solution for advertisers shared by few other publishers at that time. Soon came the buzzword — native advertising. It was far more provocative than an earlier catchphrase (content marketing), making it easier for the media take sides. Today, marketers are captivated by native ads. Many are big proponents, others not so much. Journalists, for the most part, abhor them” — Lewis DVorkin.

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