Petition! Newbies have right to ask simple questions here without searching old posts.

By March 30, 2014Bitcoin Business
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Petition! Newbies have right to ask simple questions here without searching old posts.

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First, I would show respect to veterans, without you Bitcoin can't reach this position in as short as 5 years.

When all we were newbies, we were curious about Bitcoin and discussed about any question we thought we should find it out. However, as we become more familiar with Bitcoin, we are getting more and more bothered when we see newbies asking VERY simple questions again and again, because we have known it fully and have taught people many times. So many of us tell newbies to shut up and search old posts, in which all those simple questions have been given answers.

Personally, I understand this feeling, veterans want this subreddit to evolve with their knowledge level. It's the nature of people.

But, veterans, please listen to me.

Why do we come here everyday? I think the answer is that we want to help Bitcoin to succeed, more than the need of creating a strong academic atmosphere to stimulate technologic inspiration.

Newbies come in with the curiosity, some of them submit posts asking simple questions, which are too simple for us, without bothering to search old posts. This is also the human nature. For example, sometimes we will ask others questions without google searching.

Newbies are very important. some of them will contribute much to Bitcoin even he is lack of common sense about Bitcoin now.

Please don't expel them by excoriating. Bitcoin can't get further success only with the strength of people who now believer Bitcoin. We need more and more fresh strength.

I hope, newbies have the right to ask same simplest questions, again and again. Veterans who are bored with it have the right to ignore it, while some zealous veterans can give newbies a passionate response.

I think, that's the way for us to help Bitcoin to succede.

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