Best Of FORBES: How To Pay Bitcoin Taxes, America’s Break From Auto Industry

By April 15, 2014Bitcoin Business
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The latest FORBES e-book from Micheline Maynard investigates why a growing number of Americans are giving up their automobiles. This illuminating account of our changing car habits is available for download now. Read more about the newest title in the FORBES collection and how you can buy it today. 

And read the latest coverage of tax day from FORBES reporters:

“Tax day is usually not very complicated for me. I’ve used an accountant for years and simply meet with him annually to make my financial confession. It typically takes an hour. This year, though, was a bit different. We had to talk Bitcoin” — Kashmir Hill. Read How I Paid My Bitcoin Taxes

“Earlier this month, executives of Caterpillar got bulldozed by Sen. Carl Levin at a Senate hearing. An investigation commissioned by Levin detailed how Caterpillar had ingeniously avoided paying $2.4 billion in taxes since 1999 by negotiating with Switzerland to create a tax shelter for its international parts business. By moving its parts business away from the U.S., Caterpillar managed to shift 85% of its international parts revenue to Geneva, thus avoiding U.S. taxes on $8 billion in profits” — Christopher Helman. Read What America’s 15 Most Profitable Companies Pay In Taxes

And in other news:


“Earnings season comes to the technology sector this week and when Yahoo releases its first-quarter report card after the closing bell Tuesday investors and analysts may not see many signs that the turnaround of the company’s core business is taking hold” — Steve Schaefer.

“With CEO compensation analysis season in full swing, the AFL-CIO released data this morning stating that American CEOs in 2013 earned an average of $11.7 million–an eye-popping 331 times the average worker’s $35,293″ — Kathryn Dill. Read Report: CEOs Earn 331 Times As Much As Average Workers, 774 Times As Much As Minimum Wage Earners

“Few cities can boast REITs specifically dedicated to them, but as of today New York City now has three. New York REIT, the latest offering from fast-moving REIT entrepreneur Nicholas Schorsch of American Realty Capital, listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYRT) this morning” — Erin Carlyle. Read New York City Now Has Three REITs, With Listing Of New York REIT

“It seems that you can’t talk about college sports anymore without quickly running into an argument about whether or not student-athletes ought to be paid. One of the biggest arguments in favor of player payment is that college athletics have become a massive business that should easily be able to afford athlete stipends” — Chris Smith. Read The Most Valuable Conferences In College Sports 2014

“Amazon recently made headlines with the news that its streaming service now accounts for 3% of overall video volume on the Internet. That’s up from .6% last year. But one fact that went almost unnoticed in the report was that live online video is also growing like crazy. Two newcomers to the list of biggest bandwidth hogs were WWE and Twitch. Together, the two companies account for 2% of all online video volume” — Dorothy Pomerantz.


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