Is that a Wig? Bitcoin Provides Anonymity Important to Niche Buyers

By April 22, 2014Bitcoin Business
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Is that a Wig? Bitcoin Provides Anonymity Important to Niche Buyers

, /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- How do you buy anonymously in a world that tracks your every online move? In 2014, the answer may be "Bitcoin".

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In 1996, was the one of the first companies to pioneer a "click and buy" online shopping cart.  Today, WigSalon's Manager of SEO, , announced that WigSalon is first wig site to accept Bitcoin. And they've made it as easy as paying with Credit Cards and Paypal.

When WigSalon, originally Paris Boutique, was founded in 1996, most of today's online retailers did not even know what the internet was. WigSalon's creators, had a family history in the wig business.  Joseph's father had wig shops in the 1960's. So he knew instinctively that some clients would insist on "wig anonymity".

In fact, part of the reason why wigs, and other medical products, are so popular online is because people don't like shopping for them in person.   These businesses naturally moved online long before mainstream businesses did.  The "in person" effect which lead to large early adoption of wig buyers, also explains why grocery shopping is still not an Internet success.

Joseph says, "We employed a plain "white box" for our early packaging design, and the original company name, "Paris Boutique", intentionally did not have the word "wig" in it.

The true test of a great wig is and has always been, "Will someone who does not know me, know it a wig?".  Bitcoin has added a one more layer of anonymity to wig buyer's transactions.  Credit card companies make money selling consumer buying patterns to advertisers, but in the end, whose business is it what you buy?

On Bitcoin's security : WigSalon uses CoinBase, a Secure Bitcoin Processing Portal. WigSalon's bitcoin transactions are not labeled with a company name. Clients get a signed receipt, of course, but the receipt is theirs alone.  It leaves no paper trail for advertisers, phishing companies or government agencies to get statistics on shoppers.  All transaction data is encrypted.

Buying with Bitcoin is like using cash, online.  Wig buyers who use Bitcoin will notice an additional 5% savings as well: because of there are no credit card fees and processing charges.

Bitcoin Policies: All WigSalon bitcoin transaction are subject to the same store policies that our credit card clients enjoy, including "fee free exchanges" which were pioneered by WigSalon to make it easier for wig shoppers to find the correct style or color.See WigSalon's Policy, or B Page for more details and contact info.

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