PeerNova announces PetaOne™ the world’s most advanced Bitcoin mining and transaction processing system

By May 6, 2014Bitcoin Business
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PeerNova announces PetaOne™ the world's most advanced Bitcoin mining and transaction processing system

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, /PRNewswire/ -- PeerNova announced today that they have already started taking orders for their 50TH PetaOne™ Rack.

"This is the first system in the bitcoin mining industry designed with Petahash level, enterprise deployments in mind," said Dr. Naveed Sherwani, CEO. "Our goal from day one has been to develop powerful, scalable and efficient systems representative of the best that Silicon Valley has to offer. The current systems in the market are okay for small deployments, however power consumption, cooling efficiency and reliability become serious issues when trying to scale to the Petahash level. The PetaOne rack is designed to run reliably at peak performance and consume the least power/GH, thanks to multi-objective design optimizations at the ASIC, Blade and Rack level. Additionally, PetaOne's flexible and modular design enables an easy upgrade to our next generation product line, thereby dropping overall cost of ownership."

PetaOne™ Rack Features:


  • Each standard 42U rack delivers 50TH/s
  • Overall power consumption is 25KW – an industry low of 0.5W/GH

Power Delivery

  • Two 60 Amp 3-Phase PDUs to deliver max of 32KW
  • 208V single phase supplied to each rack component

Cooling Requirements

  • Conventional air-cooling, with hot aisle enclosure preferred
  • Input Air temp: 10-30 °C, Output Air Temp: < 55°C


  • Remote management, diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • Supports mining for Alt coins, easy upgradeability

When asked about chip tapeout and delivery schedules, Dr Sherwani added, "We taped out a while ago and will begin shipping to customers in mid-June. With our minimum order being half a PetaOne rack or 5 blade servers, the June batch has sold out so we have now opened up for July orders. A lot of what we did occurred in stealth mode, the merger announcement was essentially us exiting stealth."

"We are bringing to this industry a level of ASIC and high performance computing expertise that is unmatched in the bitcoin mining sector. We strongly believe in a future of decentralized applications and financial transactions based on private and public blockchain implementations. Transaction processing in this next generation network will need nothing short of enterprise grade systems and this is exactly what we are building at PeerNova," said Dr. Naveed Sherwani.

Dr. Sherwani was a featured speaker at CoinSummit where he discussed the future of ASICs and Bitcoin mining.

About PeerNova  

is the leader in distributed financial applications and transaction processing technology. In addition to offering advanced bitcoin mining hardware and cloud services, PeerNova is leading the innovation in peer to peer applications and platforms for the digital currency and e-commerce markets. 

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