Best Of FORBES: NFL Draft Day And How One Man Could Cure Cancer

By May 8, 2014Bitcoin Business
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Best Of FORBES: NFL Draft Day And How One Man Could Cure Cancer

Don’t let a bad job market spoil your goals. The Millennial Game Plan lays out a vital blueprint for success—no matter the economy. Through the stories of millennials thriving on their terms and the author’s tales of her own lessons learned, you’ll learn how to forge a career in an awful economy, earn more, finance your own ventures, focus in an age of distraction, make the grad school decision and manage your money. It covers both tried-and-true advice to last a lifetime, plus offers tips on navigating some new opportunities. The best way to succeed is by starting within.

On Wednesday, FORBES launched the latest edition of our magazine. The Best of FORBES will feature several magazine stories throughout the week.

“With a radical new treatment, Joseph Jimenez is dedicating Novartis to one overarching mission: vanquishing mankind’s ancient adversary. Its breakthrough might be the most tangible… ever” — Read Matthew Herper. Is This How We’ll Cure Cancer?

“New CEO Satya Nadella inherits a growth crisis at Microsoft. His fix-it strategy is two-pronged: Focus the business on mobile and the cloud — while overhauling the culture so that open inquiry wins out over table-pounding” George Anders.

And in other news:

“Someone will truly digitize the entire [bank] experience — and when they do, the product will look a lot like China’s Alipay. Controlled by Jack Ma and other Alibaba executives, the PayPal-like company processed $519 billion worth of digital payments in 2013 (Paypal processed $180 billion)” — Steve Bertoni. Read Why Alibaba’s Alipay And PayPal Will, And Should, Destroy Physical Banks

“Being the billionaire founder of more than one high profile technology firm means dealing with some crazy swings. Just ask Elon Musk. As the largest shareholder of two public companies, his fortune can vary hugely on the results of daily trading. Today, both of his major stock holdings — Tesla Motors and SolarCity — are on a roller coaster ride.” — Brian Solomon.

“We took the opposite tack in looking to history to see which teams have, in recent years, relied the most on drafted rookies. Put another way, we were interested in finding out which teams ordinarily put their drafted players on the field, and which teams are more inclined to leave the job to NFL veterans” — Chris Smith. Read NFL Draft: The Teams That Get The Most, And Least, Out Of Drafted Rookies

“Our goal was to save a few bucks while spending some valuable time in the kitchen. The exercise turned out to be fun and fruitful, leaving my bank account a bit fuller, my saving senses a bit savvier and my cooking a bit tastier. By sharing the details of my April adventure alongside some expert tips I hope you can benefit too” — Samantha Sharf.

And check out Kashmir Hill’s third day living on Bitcoin, one year after she did it originally.

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