Andreas M. Antonopoulos Resigns from the Bitcoin Foundation

By July 11, 2014Bitcoin Business
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Andreas M. Antonopoulos Resigns from the Bitcoin Foundation

Andreas M. Antonopoulos Resigns from the Bitcoin Foundation
Andreas M. Antonopoulos Resigns from the Bitcoin Foundation

Andreas M. Antonopoulos has announced that he is not associated with the Bitcoin Foundation anymore. The announcement came through his Twitter account from where he said that a couple of weeks ago; he had resigned from the post of head of the Bitcoin Foundation’s anti-poverty committee and now also resigns as a member.

He further tweeted that he can no longer have even the smallest association with the Bitcoin Foundation, because of the complete lack of transparency. Tweeting further he said he just wasn’t happy with management. For many, the announcement was not surprising at all as he had earlier expressed frustration when he quit the committee.

This could be disappointing as well as embarrassing for the Bitcoin Foundation, particularly when it is being charged for lacking transparency in appointing new members. Earlier this year Charlie Shrem had to resign from the board of the Bitcoin Foundation as he was charged for financial mishandling of the funds to Silk Road.

Charlie Shrem set higher standards when he resigned from the Bitcoin Foundation and said that he did so as he had to think about Bitcoin, the foundation, and its future. He admitted that the decision was regardless of the merits of his case, anyone representing Bitcoin, including foundation execs, should have a standard of excellence and transcend any scandal.

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However, the resignation from Andreas M. Antonopoulos is different matter altogether, he is not resigning because there is some accusation on him but he is accusing other members for lack of transparency. His terse tweet he does not want to comment, drama or dirt but he left because he was not with the Bitcoin Foundation shows his anger.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos Will Still Be Working for Bitcoin

He also requested fellows not to try the decision to push other agendas and at the same time clarified that he did not quit Bitcoin but the Bitcoin Foundation and there is a difference between the two. According to him he is as committed as ever to Bitcoin, and more so in fact. He also ruled out for any rebound relationship with an alt-coin or alt-foundation either.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos has long association with Bitcoin and he sounds correct when he says he is still associated with the digital currency. This Bitcoin entrepreneur founded three Bitcoin businesses and launched several community open-source projects as well.

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