After the US, Expresscoin Reaches Canadian Market

By July 13, 2014Bitcoin Business
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After the US, Expresscoin Reaches Canadian Market

After the US, Expresscoin Reaches Canadian Market
After the US, Expresscoin Reaches Canadian Market


Announcing that his company is expanding to new regions, Joseph Hsieh, Expresscoin‘s CMO and co-founder says that it has now started its branch in Canada. He says that this is the first step into another market other than the United States which according to him is going to be easier than doing it was in the US.

Joseph Hsieh says that starting out the Canadian branch was a strategic decision as he thought that if his organization can get its process and make headway in the US market, then other countries should be a lot easier. He says that moving into Canada is part of the company’s overall mission to make Bitcoin and other digital currencies accessible to the mass consumer audience.

Thus, marking the first expansion for the company outside of the United States is on the expected lines as it will not just try to cash in the golden opportunity in the new market, but also help people reach to it thanks to its easy process. With Expresscoin consumers can buy and sell Bitcoin and other altcoins without much hassle.

In fact, Expresscoin is one of the only companies to offer consumers a chance to buy digital currencies with debit cards. Also, here customers can import their wallet addresses from other services directly to their Expresscoin accounts. The company allows that with Android app users manage their cryptocurrency accounts.

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The Organization Wants To Cater the Rise in Bitcoin’s Demand in Canada

There has been significant increase in the demand of digital currencies like Bitcoins, litecoin, Dogecoin and blackcoin. To cater the raised requirement for the cryptocurrencies, the company decided it was the right time. Also, there is no language barrier for the Bitcoin company when it operates in Canada.

Hsieh believes that as early starter his company will have an edge in Bitcoin industry in Canada. He says it’s interesting, because Bitcoin may seem big to those in the industry, but it’s still very small and early outside. Not many organizations or shops accept the digital currency in Canada; however, the numbers are expected to rise in the next couple of months.

The Santa Monica, California, based Bitcoin company is going to offer customers the opportunity to buy Bitcoin, litecoin, Dogecoin and blackcoin with debit cards. They would also be able to import wallet addresses from other services into their accounts.

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