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By July 13, 2014Bitcoin Business

Bitcoin Conference Ansterdam 2014

September 3-5, Bitcoinference this Summer covering the business and technology of Bitcoin, crypto-currencies and derivatives. It will be the second conference put on by the group. Demand for information and bitcoin networking continues to increase at a feverish pace and the conference aims to bring the industry leaders together.

The docket is interesting. Held at the Amsterdam Science Park. The Amsterdam Science Park is where early attempts to integrate cryptography with electronic money were made by David Chaum ( (inventor of many cryptographic protocols. His 1981 paper, “Untraceable Electronic Mail, Return Addresses, and Digital Pseudonyms”, laid the groundwork for the field of anonymous communications research. For example the predecessor of TOR: Mix networks), through his companies DigiCash (anonymous transactions) and ecash (anonymous electronic cash system), which used cryptography to anonymise electronic money transactions.

An impressive line-up of speakers and keynotes is already announced with new additions being added. Some notable are:

Amos Meiri – Cofounder Colorcoin
Benjamin Bommhardt – Cofounder Draglet
Roger van de Berg – International Tax Attorney

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