Bitcoin’s First Comic Book Presents Differing Industry Perspectives

By July 13, 2014Bitcoin Business
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Bitcoin’s First Comic Book Presents Differing Industry Perspectives


The world of bitcoin is about to get its first comic book, courtesy of three Spanish artists with a penchant for the geek culture.

Bitcoin: The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto was written by Alex Preukschat and Josep Busquet and illustrated by Jose Angel Ares Garcia, who has previously illustrated and published several novels.

As the name suggests, the plot revolves around the mysterious creator of bitcoin, but for obvious reasons the team cannot reveal too many details at this point. Preukschat told CoinDesk that he hopes the graphic novel can be a ‘Matrix’-like story that makes people interested in decentralised technologies.

The comic was previewed at CoinSummit in London and the team says it has been working on it since October 2013.

Homage to Satoshi Nakamoto

Preukschat studied business in Germany and Spain and is currently the co-editor of His fascination with bitcoin began in 2011.

He said he first learned about bitcoin after seeing a video presentation by British software developer Amir Taaki. Although he did not pay much attention to bitcoin until early 2013, he said, he now believes it is one of the most important technological advances in recent history.

The comic is a reflection of that view; it offers different perspectives on bitcoin and of course Satoshi Nakamoto. In a recent interview with, Preukschat said that an individual or a group could be behind the Nakamoto pseudonym. In any case, he believes the real Satoshi Nakamoto should remain anonymous.

Teasers and previews

Although the official release is set for October, many readers will have to wait even longer – the Spanish version is coming out in October but it is unclear when the comic book will appear in English. The team says it is looking for publishers.

It was eager to share a few sneak previews and a video at CoinSummit.

The official website of the project is still under construction, but visitors can sign up for the newsletter if they wish to receive updates.

Of course, the world’s premiere bitcoin news outlet features prominently in Bitcoin: The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto.


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