Bitcoin Market Unaffected of the Dell Announcement

By July 21, 2014Bitcoin Business
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Bitcoin Market Unaffected of the Dell Announcement

Bitcoin Market Unaffected of the Dell Announcement
Bitcoin Market Unaffected of the Dell Announcement – Gigantic, multinational and renowned retailer Dell surprised the markets with its announcement of accepting Bitcoin as one of its payment methods. For a company whose previous annual revenue has been close to $57 billion, Dell has become the largest company ever to have adapted virtual currencies, beating satellite TV provider Dish Network.

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The new announcement will directly benefit a huge number of cryptocurrency businesses and consumers in the US. As per confirmed by the spokesperson for Dell Mr David Frink, the decision of accepting Bitcoin is taken only by the growing demands from the customers. “We put this together quickly as a result of listening to our customers,” he said. “It’s another way for customers to have a relationship with Dell.”

Coinbase, Dell’s official third-party payment processor, also claimed a slice of the credits for this announcement. The company’s spokesperson confirmed that their business development director Adam White was constantly trying to lure Dell into accepting Bitcoin lately. And when Dell is finally in the Bitcoin club now, White’s response is genuinely enthusiastic. He said:

“Adding Dell to our roster of merchants that accept Bitcoin is a great signal for the industry that Bitcoin is here to stay.”

Impact on Bitcoin Market
There is hardly any need to comment about the potential benefits Bitcoin will receive from this announcement. It is a flourishing economy indeed, but is yet away from the mainstream population which still relies on traditional payment methods such as cash and credit cards. This update will genuinely help Bitcoin to connect with larger consumer base.

On the other hand, it seems that Bitcoin prices are no more relative to the ongoing announcements. It never showed any volatile surge upon the Dell’s announcement. It is indeed a sign of long-term stability. We are finally seeing the Bitcoin market creating its own domain, unaffected of any good or bad event.

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