Reddcoin PoSV Roadmap Announced; Price Hits North

By July 22, 2014Bitcoin Business
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Reddcoin PoSV Roadmap Announced; Price Hits North

Reddcoin PoSV Roadmap Announced; Price Hits North
Reddcoin PoSV Roadmap Announced; Price Hits North – The Reddcoin developer LAUDNEY recently took Reddit as a medium to inform its community about the forthcoming developments in the coin’s network. The highlight of the post however was the upcoming launch of Reddcoin’s PoSV Release Candidate 2. This announcement supposedly led to a substantial increase in coin’s market cap and prices, especially in last 24 hours.

LAUDNEY further updated users with the downloadable links to PoSV RC2 binaries, though only for testnet purpose. This testing phase is currently active and will help reveal any sort of overlooked errors in the blockchain.

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The developer meanwhile reintroduced the number of benefits RC2 will bring upon its launch. This PoSV design is aimed at addressing multiple technical and economic issues related with Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-System. This design is also ensured to improve upon the current network security and economic incentives among participants (including the miners using a traditional mining mechanism).

Furthermore, PoSV designs are ensured to be positioned ideally at the centre of the constantly updating cryptocurrency market. It thus will absorb any innovation made in the Bitcoin technology. This strategy will help Reddcoin to have competitive advantage over other coins.

Other features that will be included in the PoSV design are plagiarism deterrence, next generation social wallet including news feed and chat features, ReddAPI for encouraging users to develop third party applications, and dozen other developments.

In the end, LAUDNEY urged the community to be less obsessed with price and be more patient with the developments. “Together we can build a future that’s worth living for,” he concluded.

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