Buying Your Next Car with Beepi

By July 29, 2014Bitcoin Business
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Buying Your Next Car with Beepi


If you are looking to purchase a pre-owned vehicle with Bitcoin, look no further – Beepi has made it a possibility. With the help of BitPay, the California-based company has integrated bitcoin payment support for its continually expanding line-up of pre-owned automobiles. Beepi has become the first peer-to-peer marketplace to allow customers to purchase cars with bitcoin, further solidifying the role of digital currency in mainstream applications.

Buying a car is a person’s second largest financial purchase and the integration of bitcoin payments further supports the company’s mission to create the most hassle-free way to purchase a vehicle online. What Beepi is doing is commendable, eliminating the stressful barriers that are often associated with purchasing an automobile. In addition, the company is also offering prospective buyers pre-approval for loans at check-out and a ten-day money-back guarantee.

Beepi was founded last year and emerged into the used-auto market in a time when innovation in such an industry was hard to find. With Beepi, gone are the days of traveling to the dealership and spending hours haggling price and features, or utilizing an online service that takes just as much time and requires the same hoops to jump through as traditional car purchasing methods. Instead, Beepi directly connects buyers and sellers on a platform that is easy to use, one that eliminates overpriced commissions and the burden of haggling price. By adding bitcoin payment support, Beepi is working hard to create a new way to buy a used car, in a way that benefits all parties involved.

Buyers wishing to purchase their next vehicle with Bitcoin can do so by completing an easy process. After selecting a car, the buyer can select “check out” and choose “bitcoin” as the payment option. BitPay gives the seller the ability to allow the buyer to pay via bitcoin and still receive cash in the end. Additionally, Beepi also offers a variety of financing options, one of which is the company’s easy loan pre-approval process which also occurs within the check-out environment.

A year ago, buying a car with Bitcoin was unheard of. Since then many individuals have purchased cars from dealerships offering luxury brands like Tesla, Range Rover and Lamborghini. Excitingly enough, Beepi is one of the first used-car platforms to offer such a payment option.

Bitcoin’s role in automobile sales is solidifying as more and more dealerships and online providers like Beepi are choosing to accept Bitcoin. Because a car is often an individual’s second largest lifetime purchase and isn’t often done with cash, the thought of Bitcoin makes complete sense. There are many financial hurdles and fees that have always been associated with purchasing an automobile, but Bitcoin can enable online services like Beepi to save its customers a large percentage on the final cost. “Integrating with bitcoin is a natural extension of our promise to deliver the easiest way to purchase a car in the 21stcentury,” Beepi CEO Ale Resnik stated.

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