Bitcoin Foundation Unveils New Consumer-Friendly Website

By July 31, 2014Bitcoin Business
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Bitcoin Foundation Unveils New Consumer-Friendly Website

Bitcoin Foundation
Bitcoin Foundation

The Bitcoin Foundation has unveiled a new-look website that aims to be a gateway for bitcoin resources and a focal point for the digital currency as a brand.’s redesign imagines the site as a vehicle for education on bitcoin, including its usage and underlying technology.

In addition, the website aims to increase transparency by making it easier to access information on the Foundation’s by-laws and tax information alongside the composition and structure of its leadership.

Notably, the site offers contact information for the various elements of its leadership team freely, including its Board of Directors.

Jon Matonis, the Foundation’s executive director and a CoinDesk contributor, commented that the plan was to provide a one-stop solution for information-seekers.

“We had two main goals: build a dynamic communications platform that enables us to share bitcoin’s world changing benefits so that anyone with any background could easily understand, and be a valuable resource hub for the bitcoin community.”

Focus on branding, transparency

The resources available on the site act to emphasize the financial and economic benefits offered by bitcoin.

The organization’s director of marketing and communications, Jinyoung Lee Englund, commented that the opacity surrounding traditional payment infrastructures makes most consumers and business owners apprehensive to the idea of bitcoin.

She said in a statement:

“Most people don’t understand the inner workings of the credit card or banking system. And by and large, they don’t care. They just want to know that it works and how it affects them. For most people, the deluge of information on bitcoin is too overwhelming and confusing.”

With an easily-navigable platform, the Foundation hopes to provide a place for those who don’t know much about bitcoin to educate themselves on both the technology and the legal and financial environment that surrounds it.

The organization has also made available past documents submitted to Congress and other regulatory bodies throughout its existence.

In turn, tax information for the organization can also be reviewed on the new website, providing an additional layer of transparency and visibility into its inner workings.

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