E-Commerce Order Fulfillment Company Rakuten Super Logistics U.S. to Accept Bitcoin

By August 13, 2014Bitcoin Business
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E-Commerce Order Fulfillment Company Rakuten Super Logistics U.S. to Accept Bitcoin
E-Commerce Order Fulfillment Company Rakuten Super Logistics U.S. to Accept Bitcoin

Since it’s a slow news day, why don’t we go ahead and focus on something positive and nice like bitcoin adoption? Sound good?

I’ve just spotted this press release crossing the wire from a company called Rakuten Super Logistics U.S. (formerly known as Webgistix) has announced they are planning to accept bitcoin from customers who rely on them for “business-to-business order fulfillment services” and providing software to retailers who operate online.

They write in their news release:

Rakuten Super Logistics is making e-commerce fulfillment payment options for merchants more accessible on a global scale. By utilizing bitcoin for payments, the company is positioned to meet the needs of e-commerce retailers who are among the most forward-thinking global businesses embracing the bitcoin technology.

“Many of our merchants are accepting bitcoin on their e-commerce platforms, but none of our competitors are offering the opportunity to pay for order fulfillment services with bitcoin,” says Joseph DiSorbo, who serves as CEO of Rakuten Super Logistics U.S.

“Accepting bitcoin payment not only sets us apart from our competitors, but allows us to move closer toward our goal of a frictionless global e-commerce marketplace.”

In order to facilitate the accepting, Rakuten is working with BitPay.

“Selling online is highly-competitive, and retailers no matter what industry they’re in have a high risk and cost of accepting payments compared to brick and mortar retailers,” said Tony Gallippi, BitPay Executive Chairman. “By accepting bitcoin from the customer and using bitcoin for logistics, fulfillment, and the supply chain, a company can multiply their savings and see a bigger impact on the bottom line.”

Bitcoin payments will begin immediately, according to the company, and they’ve even gotten requests from international customers.

“More broadly, the bitcoin protocol, and decentralized applications have the potential to enhance service offerings across a wide range of industries including e-commerce. We are working to apply this new technology to the benefit of market participants, especially those who can’t now easily access the global e-commerce marketplace,” Mr. DiSorbo added.

The news comes just under one month following a previous article in which the company was mulling bitcoin acceptance.

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