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By August 14, 2014Bitcoin Business
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ForexMinute.com – The Darkcoin core developer EDUFFIELD today announced the release of RC4 wallet, which features the much-awaited anonymization feature under the banner of its new, rewritten protocol DarkSend+.

To those who are still unware of the technicalities of DarkSend+, it is a protocol which brings more efficiency and privacy to one’s transactions by simply denominating Darkcoin into multiple bits. As the Darkcoin in users’ wallet are traceable and can leave their prints on the much-visible blockchain, DarkSend+ will provide users an option to make transaction via an “Anonymization Phase”. This phase intermixes Darkcoins and transforms them into multiple subsets. It then deposits the denominated chunks back to the sender’s wallet at randomly generated addresses.

The chunked Darkcoin can then be sent directly to the receiver, without any need to involve masternodes in final p2p transaction.

To match the newly changed protocol, RC4 wallet has also introduced new features to its interface. In his post, EDUFFIELD has categorically mentioned and elaborated the following changes: Main Wallet Screen, Transactions Screen, and Send Screen, along with new features like “Use Anonymous Funds” to enable DarkSend; “Use Non-Anonymous Funds” to deactivate DarkSend while removing transaction anonymity; and “No Preference” with a potential to unmask current and prior transactions.

He adds:

“The minimum number of DarkSend rounds is 1, the maximum is 8. Higher numbers of mixing rounds take significantly longer to process, but provide a higher degree of privacy and security. Each block on the Darkcoin network takes 2.5 minutes to process, and one mixing round is executed every block. So mixing at a depth of 2 rounds will take 2.5 minutes x 2 mixing rounds = 5 minutes. 3 rounds will take 2.5 x 3 = 7.5 minutes, and so on.”

Community Reaction
Though overwhelmed with the latest update, Darkcoin community is having minor problems in implementing RC4. It is but quite natural as the users aren’t fully aware of the wallet’s installation procedure yet. On the other side, the Darkcoin support team is periodically explaining the technicalities of the installation to ensure a smooth RC4 run in real world.

Impact on Market
Ever since the RC4 update has surfaced, the DRK prices against BTC has shown some improvements, especially after the series of fall cryptocurrency market was facing under the influence of Bitcoin’s poor show. Only upon the successful implementation of TC$, we can predict the prices to go at least stable, if not rise exponentially like around previous updates.

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