Bitcoin Awaits Breakout from Short-term Range Consolidation

By August 15, 2014Bitcoin Business
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Consolidation Range: After breaking below a key support area around 555, Bitcoin price fell sharply, but has found support around 500.00 during the 8/14 session. We saw a rally come off a bullish divergence, but there is resistance at the 525 area, which was a previous support pivot on 8/13.

Bearish Breakout Pending: As we get started with the 8/15 US session, bitcoin looks poised to continue its downs trend. A break below 497 can clear the path towards the 420-440 area, which is a common price area during late-April, early-May. (refer to the daily chart below)

More Consolidation: If there is a break above 525, it would clear above the consolidation range, above a week long falling trendline, and the 50-hour simple moving average.

Here are a couple of bearish signs from the 1H chart:
1) The moving averages (200-, 100-, and 50-hour) all slope down, are spreading apart in bearish alignment, and has price trading below them.
2) The RSI has tagged below 30, and even 20, but has held below 60, even 50. This shows persistent and strong bearish momentum developing.

Bitcoin Daily Chart 8/14

bitcoin daily chart 8/15
bitcoin daily chart 8/15

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Downside: The daily chart shows that after a break below 555, the market has opened up the 420, and maybe even the 2014-low in the 338-340 area. Note the strong momentum accompanying this week’s downswing.

Oversold: The RSI dipped below 30, and thus reflects oversold conditions. But that does not mean there has to be a retracement especially when a market starts trending as bitcoin looks to be doing now.

Consolidation scenario, resistance: If bitcoin price pops up above 525, then we might have a consolidation that will pull the RSI back above the oversold area, at which point it will be vulnerable to sellers, especially if price approaches the 550-560 area, the previously broken triangle support area.

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