Leverage Your Bitcoin: An Interview with Bitcoin Solutions’ Adam O’Brien

By August 19, 2014Bitcoin Business
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Adam O'Brien of Bitcoin Solutions - http://youtu.be/o3WTO0mb2Po
Adam O'Brien of Bitcoin Solutions - http://youtu.be/o3WTO0mb2Po

Have you ever thought about leveraging your stored bitcoin? Perhaps you don’t spend your bitcoin, and you, like others, save it with the hopes of its increase. (It is deflationary, after all.)

I originally met Adam O’Brien, Founder and President of Bitcoin Solutions, at the Toronto Expo in April, 2014. He’s a nice, down to earth guy with a lot of thoughts on bitcoin.  Like me, he’s a bitcoin enthusiast and his company offers some really cool ways to engage with bitcoin.

I spoke to him today about his latest ventures and projects in the space.

O’Brien originally got involved in bitcoin when he wanted to buy it, but found – like most of us – that it isn’t exactly easy or accessible. “I wasn’t able to do it instantly,” O’Brien says. “I found this to be problematic, and wanted to give others the accessibility that I found the industry was lacking.”

O’Brien’s company owns and operates both Alberta and Saskatchewan’s first bitcoin ATMs (BTMs), making engaging with bitcoin easy, accessible and convenient. However, what is the point of making bitcoin accessible if people don’t understand it?

Like many of us, O’Brien noticed this lack of understanding: “People were saying things like ‘Isn’t the CEO of that company dead?’” As a result, O’Brien resolved to not only make Bitcoin accessible, but also make it understood.

With these two bitcoin basics down pat, he is now launching into a new venture – that is, giving people the option to put their bitcoin to work using leveraged trading. First, understand it. Then, access it. Then, make it grow!

Bitcoin Solutions’ newest product is a trading platform that allows users to leverage both their bitcoin holdings and our time. “Rather than trying to day trade, [Bitcoin Solutions Trading] does it for you,” O’Brien explains.

Users are able to open a position, predicting a price increase or fall. “We do the heavy lifting,” O’Brien continues. “Not only do we take the stress out of day trading, we allow you to leverage your bitcoin up to 8x.”

This is an attractive product for people such as myself, who simply do not have the time to engage in day trading, but who want to see their bitcoin investments do more than just… well… sit there.

If you’re like me, you have some bitcoin in a hot wallet for daily use, and lots of it stored away for future use. But, like cash, it’s nice to have some of that bitcoin working in some way to increase its value.

Bitcoin Solutions Trading is a super easy, user-friendly platform. I signed up this morning and was quickly ushered into the trading platform. O’Brien explains, “once you sign up, you can deposit bitoin into your account address; this is your ‘investable balance.’”

From here, you can swap the bitcoin you’ve sent into Bitcoin Solutions Trading from USD to Bitcoin and vice versa. “This is a feature,” O’Brien clarifies, “but unnecessary for opening a position.”

Next, users can choose whether they think bitcoin’s value will go up or down.

Finally, users pick the amount they wish to invest (with minimums starting at $10) and how much they would like to borrow, or leverage.

Now, users must still decide whether bitcoin will increase or decrease in value: “the price is too volatile to trust anyone but yourself to make that call,” says O’Brien. But the potential for profits is maximized by leveraging your investments while the platform guards your risk with our Stop/Loss feature. This feature ensures no margin calls will be needed and your investment will work as hard as it can, costing you as little as it can.”

O’Brien explains,

“In your ‘open positions’ page, you can see where your positions stand – either at a profit or a loss. Included in this is your fee; when you see your profits, you are seeing your net profit. Likewise, if it is showing a loss of $21 and your daily charge is $3, then your loss is actually $18 + $3 fee, giving you a total loss of $21.”

O’Brien’s platform is designed to show true profit. It also charges users a daily fee to leverage  - 0.3% of the amount borrowed from Bitcoin Solutions.

Bitcoin Solutions is planning on implementing proof-of-solvency, too, making this investment option even more attractive. “It is in the works,” O’Brien explains. “Currently, we engage in offline servers for security. We are always exploring new ways to ensure our clients’ bitcoin is as safe as possible.”

All of Bitcoin Solutions Trading fees can be found here. Bitcoin Solutions is a responsive company, with representatives available to answer questions or address concerns.

“We [Bitcoin Solutions] are committed to our clients’ satisfaction, and we’re responsive and here to answer any questions you may have,” O’Brien adds.

You can engage with Bitcoin Solutions over Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, or send his company an e-mail to info@btcsolutions.ca. Check out his company’s YouTube channel here.

Please consult your financial planner, investment advisor or bitcoin specialist with more questions if you are not familiar with trading or leveraged trading before engaging in this platform. To sign up for Bitcoin Solutions Trading, visit here or visit http://btcsolutions.ca for more information!

For media inquiries, please contact Adam O’Brien at adam@btcsolutions.ca

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Bitcoin Solutions or Bitcoin Solutions Trading and am not an affiliate for this company or trading platform. I like to interview cool people doing new things in the space

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