Bitcoin Core Developer in Tussle with NXT

By September 19, 2014Bitcoin Business
Click here to view original web page at – Scam coins are not a new topic to discuss. Ever since the success of Bitcoin, we have a hoard of cryptocurrency getting launched almost every day. While some of them seem serious towards improving upon Bitcoin, the others are simply fake. We won’t take names, as we have left that choice to the upper hands.

One such biggie who has taken the courage to present his views on a particular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin core developer Jeff Garzik. The man has recently accused NXT of being a scam. Whether it’s a planned FUD, or a serious concern, the real reason behind this sudden emotional eruption is still unprovable.

Jeff however came with some definite accusations which most of us seem to have overlooked while covering other coins. They are:NXT is like a penny stock, scams most of the time.

Early stakeholders are anonymous, supplemented with untrustworthy POS features.
Anonymous developers
Shady development process
No-response team
Unable to handle criticism
Security lapses
Hashes don’t match

NXT Responses
Jeff, in one of his tweets, also mentioned that the source nxt.jar is completely different from final version of nxt.jar, indicating that the hashes are not matching. To this comment, the NXT lead developer Jean-Luc himself took a lead and posted the following:

“The reason for non-reproducible builds is that the jar packaging tool includes time dependent information in the jar archive, which depends not only on the timestamps of the class files being packaged but the time the package is built too. Different javac compilers and on different platforms may also result in different class files.”

The Bitcoin core developer replied Jean-Luc by posting a video tutorial explaining how to create a deterministic JAR. The video however had few moments which supported the explanation provided by the NXT developer, mainly related to JAR needing same compilers when being made. It proved that Jeff concerns, as wonderfully pointed out by CryptoCoinsNews.COM, is more about NXT project centralization.

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One such biggie who has taken the courage to present his views on a particular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin […]

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