Planning the Perfect Bitcoin-Only Vacation

By September 27, 2014Bitcoin Business
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planning the perfect bitcoin vacation
The convenience of having a truly borderless currency can’t be understated.

Similar to how the Internet broke down barriers for global communication and made information more accessible to everyone, bitcoin has the potential to change international travel in a significant way.

Anyone who has felt ripped off by a foreign currency exchange company, had their credit card abruptly cancelled or has dealt with a lost or stolen wallet while traveling abroad can attest to the benefits of using a completely digital, non-fiat currency for international travel.

For these reasons, the travel industry has been particularly receptive to digital currencies. A number of airlines now accept bitcoin, Expedia has made booking hotels with bitcoin easier than ever and the number of merchants accepting the digital currency continues to rise.

All of this has made planning a bitcoin-only vacation much less daunting than even just a year ago.

With this in mind, below are four carefully-curated vacations that may appeal to bitcoiners with an itch to travel. For the most part, the expenses for each trip can be paid entirely with bitcoin, and of course there are many other options beyond those listed when planning the perfect bitcoin vacation.

Live lavishly in New York City

new york bitcoin vacation

How to get there: Use CheapAir to book a flight into any major NYC airport (JFK, La Guardia, Newark). Ridesharing company Uber processes payments with Braintree – which recently announced a bitcoin partnership with Coinbase ­– so getting around the city with bitcoin may become much easier in the near future.

Where to stay: There are countless hotels to choose from on Expedia, but for those seeking the most extravagant NYC experience, go ahead and book a suite at the iconic Waldorf Astoria – it will set you back about $529per night, or around $1.3 BTC per nightat press time.

What to do: New York is famous for its eclectic cuisine, and many restaurants and cafes in the city accept bitcoin. For free entertainment, explore Central Park or just walk around and marvel in the concrete jungle of skyscrapers.

Explore the beauty of Bali

bali bitcoin travel

How to get there: A full service travel agency – BitcoinTour ­– will make planning your Indonesian getaway a breeze. The company helps customers book their flight, hotel and train reservations all with bitcoin, so you can start relaxing before your trip even begins.

Where to stay: Thanks to the BitIslands initiative, Bali is quickly becoming a ‘bitcoin paradise’ for travelers near and far. BitcoinTour claims to work with “almost all” three-star hotels in Indonesia, so you won’t have to sacrifice comfort for convenience when paying with bitcoin.

What to do: Bali is known for being one of the most beautiful places in the world, so for starters, soak up the natural beauty! Once you’ve gotten your fill of the many beaches, there are plenty of options for dining and shopping with bitcoin, and the island even has a ‘bitcoin center’ where you can learn more about the digital currency.

Backpack through Europe on a budget

netherlands bitcoin

How to get there: CheapAir saves the day again, as the bitcoin-accepting flight company operates in many European cities. Options for ground travel through Europe are limited when paying with bitcoin, but Spanish bus line Destinia accepts bitcoin and operates in many popular European cities like Amsterdam (pictured above), Barcelona, Florence and London, to name a few.

Where to stay: For bitcoiners on a budget, peer-to-peer apartment sharing company 9flats will be a lifesaver when traveling through Europe. While not as widely recognized as its competitor Airbnb, 9flats certainly wins points with the bitcoin community for accepting the digital currency for user bookings and reservations.

What to do: The number of things to do, places to explore and sights to see in Europe is truly astounding. The challenge, then, is finding activities that can be paid for with bitcoin. For this, CoinMap is an invaluable resource for researching the many different places that accept bitcoin throughout the continent.

Kick back and relax at Island Villas Jamaica

island villas jamaica bitcoin

How to get there: Book your flight to the Kingston Airportusing CheapAir. The airport is about 100km from where Island Villas Jamaica is located in Port Antonio, so unless you can work out arrangements directly with management, you may have to shell out some fiat to get to your villa.

Where to stay: Island Villas Jamaica manages 30 private villa properties in the northeastern Jamaican city of Port Antonio, so you’ll be certain to find a luxury villa to suit your needs. The vacation rental firm is particularly welcoming to the crypto community – it also accepts litecoin and dogecoin for booking accomodations.

What to do: There’s something in the Carribbean air that just helps ease away any stress that can build up from everyday life. Relaxing should be a top priority when you’re at Island Villas Jamaica, but in case you want to venture out, the world famous Blue Lagoon is just a short trip away.

Wherever you decide to go, you can rest assured that traveling with bitcoin can help add convenience and flexibility to your itinerary – just remember to pack your passport.

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Anyone who has felt ripped off by a foreign currency exchange company, had their credit card abruptly cancelled or has dealt with a lost or stolen wallet while traveling abroad can attest to the […]

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