BitPAC to Send Bitcoin to Eight Congressman to give them Idea about the Digital Currency

By October 2, 2014Bitcoin Business
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BitPAC to Send Bitcoin to Eight Congressman to give them Idea about the Digital Currency
BitPAC to Send Bitcoin to Eight Congressman to give them Idea about the Digital Currency

BitPAC is a Washington, DC-based political action committee (PAC) which has declared that its focus is on Bitcoin promotion. The organization has moved one step further towards the same job and now going to distribute $250 worth of Bitcoin in paper wallets to eight members of Congress that include Democratic as well as Republication ones.

Some politicians who will receive the donations include Ron Wyden (D-OR); Ted Cruz (R-TX); Jeb Hensarling (R-TX); Maxine Waters (D-CA); and Jared Polis (D-CO), Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Rand Paul (R-KY) and Paul Ryan (R-WI). The organization says that for some of these politicians it will likely be the first time they come into direct contact with digital currency.

However, according to BitPAC founder Dan Backer this is essential as with it he expects Bitcoin will be able to have an impact on Capitol Hill, which he believes must become familiar with decentralized money. Various organizations including of the Bitcoin Foundation have been trying to educate lawmakers to help them understand the concept of digital currency for long.

The new attempt by BitPAC aims to raise awareness of the concerns within the Bitcoin community by making the largest lawful contributions in Bitcoin to key legislators of both parties so that they have a tactile experience with Bitcoin and gain mainstream acceptance as a form of currency without external government interference.

It Will Help Bitcoin Reach to Politicians and Help them Understand It

The mission note says that by raising funds, both in Bitcoins and cash, BitPAC will ensure that legislators know there is support for expanding the number of Americans who can get involved in campaigns to support the candidates they want, how they want. The note says that Bitcoins have enabled the next logical iteration of democratization of the political process enabled by the Internet.

Talking to media professionals Dan Backer said that he’s provided each of the politicians with a paper wallet to get them going and thinks whoever on their staff gets the paper wallet will scratch their head. He assumes that in such a situation it will go up the ladder and someone will call the FEC which will be of no help.

He expects that consequently they will decide that money is money and they will accept and liquidate the transaction. According to him it’s a bright idea to educate them about the digital currency that too without breaking the laws which permit donation of $250 for donors without exposing their identities.

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