Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Hardfork Awaited; Blockchain Receives Funding; and More

By October 8, 2014Bitcoin Business
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Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Hardfork Awaited; Blockchain Receives Funding; and More
Following are the major Bitcoin news of the day

Gavin Andresen Proposes Bitcoin Hardfork
In one of his recent blogs, the Bitcoin chief scientist Gavin Andresen proposed to increase the number of transactions allowed in the Bitcoin network, which would definitely require a hardfork. Although this procedure is completely unrequired for now, and also comes with certain “risks”, but Gavin predicts the booming Bitcoin adoption might made them implement a fork. According to the developer, the Bitcoin network is currently in its young stage and can be easily modified for future requirements. But if the network grows further, it would difficult for them to make the required changes.

Blockchain Receives $30 Million in Funding
Bitcoin wallet provider Blockchain.INFO received a whopping funding of over $30 million by investor groups like Lightspeed Venture Partners and Wicklow Capital, amongst others. “We are going to scale our product engineering team, we are going to build new features,” co-founder and President Peter Smith told TechCrunch.COM. “And for the first time ever, we are going to spend money on marketing.”

So far, Blockchain manages 2.3 million Bitcoin wallets without taking any external funding.

SolidX Partners Inc. Raises $3 Million
Solid Partners Inc., a company providing swaps to hedge funds and is working towards luring traditions investors in cryptocurrency investments, recently raised $3 million a funding round led by Liberty City Ventures. The company’s CEO Daniel H. Gallancy said:

“Our mission is to enable capital markets participation in the emerging bitcoin ecosystem. We are excited to provide institutions with financial instruments linked directly to bitcoin and blockchain innovations. Institutional investors have largely been locked out of the bitcoin marketplace given the mismatch between the bitcoin ecosystem and conventional capital markets’ clearing, settlement, custody and regulations. SolidX eliminates this incompatibility and allows for streamlined investing.”

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