Bitcoin News Mash-Up: CEX-Bitcoin Bond; KnCMiner on Back foot; And More

By October 22, 2014Bitcoin Business
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Bitcoin News Mash-Up: CEX-Bitcoin Bond; KnCMiner on Back foot; And More

Bitcoin News Mash-Up
Following are the major Bitcoin news of the day

CEX Integrates Bitcoin in its 30 UK Stores
The exchange and technology retailer CEX recently became the first in its field to integrate Bitcoin in thirty branches all over the UK. The company currently owns around 266 stores nationwide. They too are hopeful to accept Bitcoin as the payment mode as soon the staff there is trained. Earlier this year, CEX had integrated Bitcoin payments to its online platform. The company’s Commercial Director David Butler said:

“Customers love having the choice to use bitcoin. We want to pay customers selling their technology to CEX as fast as possible and bitcoin is a great solution. Much as we offer cash, not everyone wants a wallet full of bank notes and Faster Payments into bank accounts take at least a day.”

KnCMiner Stops Selling Mining Equipment
If reports from Bloomberg is to be believed, Sweden-based mining equipment manufacturer KnCMiner is planning to stop selling its machines. The news came after a California-based attorney announced to file a class action on behalf of the KnCMiner’s unhappy customers. According to the company, over 25% of mining operations are conducted on their machines. It is therefore planning to focus on being a full-time cryptocurrency miner rather than focusing on the problems raised by their faulty machines. The company recently received a whopping investment of $14 million by venture capitalist Nordic. Part of that funds will go to manage data centers in Iceland and Sweden.

New Exchange Ensures Australia as the Most Ideal Place for Bitcoin
A new exchange, Independent Book, was released yesterday in Sydney, Australia, which aims to improve the overall consumer confidence in the cryptocurrency market. According to the company, Australia is the ideal place to settle because the country gained highest credit rating (AAA) owing to strong political stability. The exchange is planning to first get to the local market and New Zealand, and then wants to expand its operations in abroad, mainly to the financial centers of Asia.

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