Paydici Partners With BitPay to Bring Recurring Billing to the Bitcoin Realm

By October 22, 2014Bitcoin Business
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Paydici Partners With BitPay to Bring Recurring Billing to the Bitcoin Realm

Paydici Partners With BitPay to Bring Recurring Billing to the Bitcoin RealmPaydici Partners With BitPay to Bring Recurring Billing to the Bitcoin Realm

Paydici announces that it has partnered with Atlanta, Georgia-based BitPay. In the announcement the company says that the partnership is aimed at bringing up recurring billing to the Bitcoin realm. This according to it will help ensure that businesses large and small can transact in Bitcoin with their clients on a recurring basis without a taxing manual process.

Improving client’s billing relationship with their customers will lead to healthier and more profitable long-term business relationships down the road, every move it makes is aimed to the same goal. It believes that businesses of all kinds struggle with billing their customers, accepting payments, and offering modern conveniences like online account access and paperless billing.

Paydici believes that as it helps small and medium-size businesses by taking over the entire billing process so they can focus on doing what they do best, serving their customers, it will emerge as a popular option. It says that it’s passionate about helping customers effortlessly send bills and collect money by offering an all-in-one billing solution that is simple to use.

This company also partners up with accounting solutions and financial institutions and offers turnkey billing, invoicing and payment solution for small and medium-size businesses. The latest partnership with BitPay will give Paydici an edge over the competition as it will serve as an easier way for clients who accept Bitcoin to issue recurring bills to their customers.

Will Help the Clients Accept Bitcoin with Ease

Talking to media professionals Eli Alford-Jones, Paydici chief executive officer said that his company is happy to be joining the Bitcoin bandwagon and to offer its clients continued access to the latest payment innovations. He added that this partnership with BitPay allows its clients to gain an edge on their competitors, along with all the inherent benefits of accepting Bitcoin.

Currently, Paydici has clients from small-to-medium businesses to large organizations which all seems to be looking for a solution like the one that the company is trying to bring in partnership with BitPay. A lot of observers believe that this partnership is an exciting step forward for Bitcoin and Bitcoin billing.

Even Tony Gallippi, BitPay executive chairman believes and says that he hopes to see Bitcoin being accepted for memberships, rent, subscriptions, and even utilities. According to him Paydici will help open the door to spending Bitcoin on these types of products and services.

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