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By November 13, 2014Bitcoin Politics
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Libertopia 2014 Live Stream Poster v01a.min
Libertopia 2014 Live Stream Poster v01a.min

The Libertopia Festival will be held in San Diego, California for its fifth year on November 14-16 and will be hosting a slew of speakers discussing Bitcoin and related topics. This unique festival/conference has the usual conference offering of speakers and an exposition hall but extends far beyond stages and booths, in the spirit of freedom which is what the event aims to embrace and promote.

Libertopia 2014 is a 3-day event but live video coverage will only be available throughout the first day, Friday, November 14.  Live videos will be embedded below the schedule prior to each event and simultaneously available on the Bitcoin Magazine YouTube Channel.  The on-demand replay of each broadcast will be available shortly subsequently.

Tentative Live Stream Schedule (PST):

9:30-10: Jeffrey Tucker – Welcome Address
10-11: Paige Peterson – Project SAFE: How We Can Replace Servers to Fix the Internet
11-12: Davi Barker – The Undead Democracy Apocalypse
1-2: M.K. Lords – Everyone Hates Activists and How Bitcoin is Changing That
2-3: Devon Read – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
3-4: Frank Braun – Post-Snowden: What does it actually mean? Do we have to change?

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Libertopia 2014 is a […]

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