Bitcoin might just be the solution for Futuristic Businesses Says PenTech CEO

By November 19, 2014Bitcoin Business
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Bitcoin might just be the solution for Futuristic Businesses Says PenTech CEO
Bitcoin might just be the solution for Futuristic Businesses Says PenTech CEO

PenTech, an Internet marketing and plethora of other services providers, recently announced that his organization started accepting Bitcoin. ForexMinute was the first news portal to report the announcement and to provide the complete coverage to what prompted the company to make such decision; this reporter went further to do an interview with its CEO, Todd Ramos.

My first question to Todd Ramos was what prompted his company to accept Bitcoin. He replied candidly that PenTech has to evolve constantly & stay on its toes to offer efficient & effective services to its clientele who can be local as well as overseas. Thus, it looks, his aim is to reach to global clienteles and offer them easy and fast payment method.

Ramos also accepted that accepting Bitcoin is just an extension of this natural evolution enabling more payment options for his clients while keeping it secure.

Here are some more questions from ForexMinute and the answers from Todd Ramos:

  1. Q) What you think the future has for Bitcoin in terms payment and security for payers and receivers?

Todd Ramos: The ever increasing growth in consumer awareness & businesses accepting Bitcoin points to a future where digital currency could even perhaps overtake traditional currency. Allowing consumers a quick, secure & non-confusing (in regards to currency exchange rates) is a major area of concern for any business looking to grow online & while it’s a long road ahead, Bitcoin might just be the solution.

  1. Q) Internet marketing is a globalized services with clientele around the world, do you think Bitcoin is the best payment method and why?

Todd Ramos: It is still early days to be able to declare Bitcoin as the best payment method. But it is undeniable that it is one of the rapidly growing methods of payment which offers unparalleled ease & security while having lower overheads increasing benefits for both clients & businesses regardless of where you are located.

  1. Q) Accepting Bitcoin is definitely a bold step, a lot of companies are offering promotional offers/discounts to their clients, are you doing anything like that?

Todd Ramos: Offering discounts for Bitcoin payees is currently not on the cards, but after evaluating the response, we can perhaps manage to offer better value for money to our clients in the future.

My first question to Todd Ramos was […]

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