Bitcoin Fun Fair to be Held in Stockholm, Sweden on February 14-15

By January 29, 2015Bitcoin Business
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Bitcoin Fun Fair to be Held in Stockholm, Sweden on February 14-15

Being considered the biggest Bitcoin event so far, the Bitcoin Fun Fair will be held on February 14-15 in Stockholm, Sweden. The organizers of the event are inviting everyone in the world’s largest Bitcoin marketplace, exhibition, music & arts event, deli, a theater as well as a tech show. This is going to be one of the most sought after event of the year.

Thus, Bitcoin Fun Fair is not some typical Bitcoin meetup or conference event where businesses and experts talk and stakeholders network with one another; rather, it will be Bitcoiner’s paradise because they will be able to do far too many things that they do in typical Bitcoin events. The organizers believe that it will fetch huge crowd interested in the digital currency.

According to the organizers of Bitcoin Fun Fair there is so much focus in mainstream media about the big business, mining, exchange, etc. and with all that has happened, people get scared away. However, the event is going to help such people further know the digital currency from the close and clear all the doubt that they have accumulated over time.

The idea of organizing Bitcoin Fun Fair came to Gustav when he met a couple of friends and Bitcoin fans. They all had one common agenda how to promote the digital currency in everyday life. Gustav says that the optimal use of Bitcoin is among friends but also for young creative people trying to figure out how to start their business.

Encourage the First Time Users to Use Bitcoin

He says that the best way would be to create a get-together, an extremely ambitious workshop where everyone puts new creative designers, musicians, illustrators and alike in a market setting. The event is different from the typical Bitcoin events as here it will give a feeling of a real market hall and put it to practical use in a local setting.

Gustav believes that Bitcoin would become more popular if there are more of these consumer-oriented events as according to him focusing on personal use instead of business will further help it reach to new people. A lot of new users are though scared of using Bitcoin, if they are given inputs and encouraged to connect with the digital currency, they will use it.

He says that the idea is to demonstrate to regular people, business owners, startups, and aspiring entrepreneurs that Bitcoin is a fun, fast, and convenient tool for conducting economic transactions that is superior to the status quo in many ways.

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Thus, Bitcoin Fun Fair is not some typical Bitcoin meetup or […]

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