Poland Gets the First Two-Way Bitcoin ATM at the City of Warsaw

By February 25, 2015Bitcoin Business
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Poland Gets the First Two-Way Bitcoin ATM at the City of Warsaw

Bitcoin is reaching to new regions; however, the best impression that it can leave in the minds is with Bitcoin ATMs as they provide the much needed services to help users have easy access to the virtual currency. Following this principle Bitcoinomat.pl, a project aiming to create the largest Bitcoin ATM network in Poland and abroad, has set up the first two-way Bitcoin ATM.

The company announced that it has successfully set up the first two-way Bitcoin ATM in Poland located in the city center of Warsaw. The latest development in the local Bitcoin ecosystem gives hope for millions of users in Poland. Earlier in the last month of the last year, the country got its first Bitcoin ATM at Bobby Burger.

The latest project, a two-way BitXATM device that allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin anonymously in less than one minute is a real revolution for Bitcoin users in Poland. The company informs that the two-way Bitcoin ATM is located at Five Restaurant, Grzybowska 5 Street, Warsaw.

Talking to media professionals the owner of Bitcoinomat.pl, Andrzej Głowicki, stated that Bitcoin is the digital currency of the future and at the moment, around the world, more and more companies accept payments in Bitcoin. He added that Poland also follows this trend, and the mission of Bitcoinomat is to set up machines to facilitate the acquisition of the currency.

Andrzej Głowicki is of opinion that with Bitcoinomat, customers do not have to register in an exchange, give them personal data, and wait for the transfer to process. According to him users purchase and sell using its machines are immediate i.e. they only need a Bitcoin wallet, cash and to be an adult.

Two-Way Bitcoin ATMs are Becoming Popular around the World among Users

The company informs that the Bitcoin ATM is available everyday from 11am to midnight, and was installed with the help of Midgar. Bitcoinomat.pl charges 5% commission. Nonetheless, Bitcoinomat.pl aims to educate the Polish people on Bitcoin and promote its use throughout the country.

Nonetheless, the collective is looking to put Bitcoin ATMs at the “best possible locations in Poland”, and also provides assistance to businesses wishing to implement Bitcoin payment solutions, as well as corporate training sessions on various Bitcoin-related topics. As the virtual currency gains popularity, the company hopes the number of users will go up.

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The company announced that it has successfully set up the first […]

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