Bitcoin Soon to be Part of Entrepreneurship Education Program

By March 1, 2015Bitcoin Business
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Bitcoin Soon to be Part of Entrepreneurship Education Program

If everything goes as per the plan, Bitcoin will soon be a part of an entrepreneurship education curriculum.

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Set against the idea of heavily extravagant and narrow-minded banking sector, the aforesaid program — designed by tech startup initiative Youth Business USA — educates young entrepreneurs about the methods to transform their business ideas into profitable ventures without relying much on established creditors. The commendable program includes everything from in-depth training to interest free loans that help aspiring entrepreneurs implement their micro-business models.

Youth Business USA (YBUSA), since the day of its launch back in 2014, has helped around 11 young entrepreneurs in setting up their businesses. The minds behind this innovative and applaudable tech startup initiative now plans on adding Bitcoin to its program, a step which they believe could harness students’ business projects.

“We want our young entrepreneurs to acquire and use Bitcoin as they start and run their businesses to benefit from its advantages,” founder, CEO and President of YBUSA Bo Ghirardelli told CoinTelegraph. “Perhaps even close the loop, purchasing supplies/equipment and selling product/service all in bitcoin with no conversion.”

Bitcoin, a digital currency blessed with a no-nonsense decentralized structure, seems like a perfect payment hotspot for financially diminutive entrepreneurs. Indeed, banks don’t entertain their limited finances; don’t even consider their loan applications; and drills their pockets enough by charging unethical fees.

As per the available reports, YBUSA has already started discussing Bitcoin’s benefits with its students, a majority of whom are tech-literates and use smartphones. The nonprofit is further hoping to construct a strong bridge between these small-time entrepreneurs and the Bitcoin community, so as to help both the sections enjoy the benefits of low cost transactions while shopping online.

Undeniably, YBUSA hits a right chord when it comes to utilizing the actual potential of two emerging sections. You can also support the cause by making a donation here.

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