BITCOIN REVOLUTION: Are virtual currencies the FUTURE of banking? [CrossTalk]

By March 15, 2015Bitcoin Business
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BITCOIN REVOLUTION: Are virtual currencies the FUTURE of banking? [CrossTalk] Subscribe here for more Max Keiser & Financial crisis news: Is Bitcoin a viable alternative currency? Is it as volatile and dangerous as critics claim? Are virtual currencies the future of banking? And is Bitcoin the political equivalent of the Occupy movement? CrossTalking with Amir Taaki, Daniel Castro and Ed Butowsky. Bitcoin is a cryptographic digital currency that is not underwritten by any government. The software underlying the currency, which operates on a decentralized peer-to-peer network, is designed to ensure security -- that it can't be counterfeited -- and to enable anonymity. What started out in 2010 as an underground currency for grey-market activities, has since grown to a $400 million worldwide market for buying everything from pizza to domain names. In an attempt to prevent inflation, the number of Bitcoins in circulation will continue to grow automatically at an ever-decreasing rate, according to the laws of its software, until reaching maximum of 21 million coins shortly after 2030. There are just over 10 million today. commodity price inflation forex currency trading fx currency trading euro converter exchange euros money currency currency rate currency converters money rate currency credit credit consolidation credit credit the capital card credit creditcard debit how do i get a credit report credit history report debit card credit rating investment capital capital investment free credit report credit line capital mortgage financial news cibc mortgage rates obama mortgage relief mortgage protection stock exchange what is apr online gold trading forex gold gold trade trade gold gold mine price of silver gold future gold funds keiser max kaiser forex investment investment forex online investment account bank how to investment funds bonds savings investments invest mutual fund mutual funds commodities hedge fund investment banking property investment investment banks

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