MAR 23 DIGEST: Bitcoin Set to Conquer Everest, 50th BTC Obituary Recorded

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MAR 23 DIGEST: Bitcoin Set to Conquer Everest, 50th BTC Obituary Recorded

Brazillian Bitcoiner will attempt to place the BTC flag at the Everest summit; the 50th Bitcoin obituary has been recorded in the press; Koinify teams up with Clef for a new form of secure 2FA and other top stories for March 23.

Brazillian Bitcoiner to carry Bitcoin flag up Everest

A Brazillian Bitcoin enthusiast getting ready to make an attempt on Everest will be carrying a Bitcoin flag to unfurl at the top. Allex Ferreira has been paying for his trip expenses using a Bitcoin funded debit card. However, as the climber is attempting early in the season, it is highly probably that bad weather will close his ascent window.

“A member from the Bitcoin Brazilian Community is climbing Everest and, if he succeeds, will put a Bitcoin flag almost on the top of the Earth's highest mountain. The current news is that Allex Ferreira (the mentioned member of BR community) will arrive to the Everest Base Camp in about 4 days.”

Bitcoin Obituaries records 50th media death sentence for the cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Obituaries is dedicated to recording the times when media outlets and pundits have called time on Bitcoin, and predicted its demise. Now hitting number 50, the most recent “end of bitcoin” story revolves around the loss of US$ 12 million in the Evolution exit scam.

“‘I think they will start breaking toes’: Evolution Marketplace goes down in massive Bitcoin heist. Another multi-million dollar Bitcoin heist could be the nail in the coffin for the troubled cryptocurrency.”

Director of the US Mint takes to Reddit for an AMA

Ed Moy the 38th Director of the US Mint, and self proclaimed Bitcoin Advocate, has taken to Reddit to complete an AMA session. During the question and answer session, Moy explains his support for Bitcoin as a free-market alternative to the state's control on money.

“[Bitcoin] is a free market alternative to the government monopoly on money. Bitcoin's value will go up or down based on whether the market thinks it's valuable, not because of government fiat. It is also relatively low right now and the number of transactions is increasing every day.”

BitReserve adds data visualization tool for their global flow of funds

BitReserve has launched a data visualization micro-site called allowing users to drill into their fund holding and exchange data from around the world. The data reveals BitReserve holds over US$1.3 million user funds in BTC.

“ provides a clear visualization of where Bitreserve members are located, which bitcurrencies they’re holding and where our members are sending it. This real-time and historic tool to visualize digital money transfers is in line with what we believe to be the tenets of digital currency— inclusion, fairness and transparency.”

Koinify collaborate with Clef for secure 2FA

Crowd funding platform Koinify has teamed up with security specialists Clef to integrate the new form of two factor authentication into the Koinify website. Expanding Clef's interaction with the digital currency sector, the deal aims to bring greater security for Koinify users.

“I’ve personally gotten tired of having to type in a 6-digit random number, sometimes I would mess it up, etc. Clef provided a new and innovative way for users to securely verify their withdrawals, and our users’ feedback has been nothing but great. People seem to really like this new style of verification.”

BitQuick student-run exchange doubles trading volumes at Bitcoin accelerator program

BitQuick, the Bitcoin exchange started and run by an Ohio State University student has doubled its trading volumes during its month spent at a Silicon Valley Bitcoin Business Accelerator. Gaining advice from the likes of Adam Draper from Boost, the start-up grew from 15 BTC to 30 BTC turnover per day.

“Jad Mubaslat has at least temporarily moved his company to San Mateo, California, while going through the Boost VC program, one of a number of Columbus startups making an impression in Silicon Valley and Austin, Texas. A senior in biomedical engineering, he’s finishing his OSU courses online and plans to graduate from both the accelerator and school in May.”

NewNote Financial acquires for US$1.2 million

CoinTrader, the second largest Canadian Bitcoin exchange by volume, has been purchased  by NewNote Financial for US$1.2 million in a mix of cash and stock. CoinTrader also has Bitcoin ATMs in London and Tokyo which will also fall under NewNote's control.

“This transaction positions Newnote as the de-facto leader in the crypto-currency space in Canada., CoinZero and the ATM network offer our shareholders direct exposure to the primary revenue generators in the digital currency space; it is our mission to deliver on our promise to offer the most innovative products and services available.”

Tutanota an open source encrypted email service leaves beta

The Germany based open source encrypted email service Tutanota has announced it will be leaving its beta status behind this week. Following a year of development, the company now offers 1GB of free storage for users of the encrypted email service.

“We have put our systems through an extensive beta phase and we are confident that no security issues remain in the code. That’s why we have decided to leave our beta status exactly one year after our first release. We are backed by a thriving open source community, who have translated our service into 20 languages already.”

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A Brazillian Bitcoin enthusiast getting ready to make an attempt on Everest will be carrying a Bitcoin flag to unfurl at the top. Allex […]

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