EDS Releases Cryptocurrency Backed By Video Game

By April 13, 2015Bitcoin Business
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EDS Releases Cryptocurrency Backed By Video Game

Token sales have become an integral part of decentralized applications, the modus operandi for fundraising in the cryptocurrency space. By making them required to use the software and releasing them ahead of time, they can effectively pre-sell anything from social networks to record-keeping systems. It was only a matter of time before the gaming industry got involved in cryptocurrency.

EverDreamSoft is a video game company based out of Switzerland known for online trading card games. Their main game, Moonga, has over 250,000 registered players on iOS, Android and Facebook, and became one of the first free-to-play games to appear in the iOS AppStore in 2009. Lately they’ve been getting into comics and other games, and have become increasingly involved with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Perhaps fittingly for a company from Geneva–the city of private banking–EDS began accepting cryptocurrency, namely Bitcoin in 2014. CEO Shaban Shaame believes it to be the future of transactions, and says he was inspired by the Bitcoin trend in Berlin, Germany. Now they’ve turned their attention to Bitcoin 2.0 with the release of a new game called Spells of Genesis.

Spells of Genesis takes place in the existing Moonga universe, which has a dedicated fanbase. The world is divided into the Four Continents, known as Atariorus, Quintus, Sextus and Hyriel, which were conquered and ruled by the Empire of Sayosia for hundreds of years. Eventually, the people had had enough, and the Alliance of Marnordir was formed to overthrow the loathed Emperor Daryen.

Kallan Marnordir was trained by the Wizard of the Four Valleys before heading to the country of Juzil. There, he discovered how to craft magical cards called Spells infused with powerful essences. The citizens of Juzil soon realized the invaluable protection these Spells offered, and they became the primary tool of the first successful revolt.

Spells of Genesis begins a new chapter in this story, taking place in the valley of Askian. It is rich in various precious materials with magical properties, which allow them to be transferred through the air. Rival factions controlling different jewels and regions of Asian have formed, hoping to form a monopoly around one gem or another.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the entire story is a cryptocurrency allegory, with the Empire being the US Federal Reserve. Feeling threatened by these untaxable new pseudo-currencies, the Empire of Sayosia sends their armies to eliminate this new source of wealth. Rumors arise of a mysterious Genesis Block, which gives the materials of Askian their magical powers, and the Empire moves to find and destroy it.

The rulers of Askian band together to beat the Empire to it, and that’s where the player comes in. As usual, you will be collecting Spells–now also referred to (and visualized on-screen) as orbs–which vary in power and rarity and can be used to defeat your enemies. Unlike Moonga, however, the battle proceeds in arcade-puzzle style: you must use proper timing and strategy to place them correctly, in a new twist EverDreamSoft hopes will appeal to both casual gamers and hardcore card collectors.

For cryptocurrency enthusiasts, however, the most exciting new innovation will be EDS’s use of the blockchain for in-game assets. Using the Counterparty protocol, the rightful owner of every premium item is recorded in a Bitcoin transaction, and can transfer ownership at any time. In sharp contrast to games like World of Warcraft which intentionally limit the liquidity of in-game assets, this allows for a frictionless marketplace, as well as the transfer of items between games in the Moonga universe.

These items are bought and sold using BitCrystals, which drive the in-game economy and power certain game functions. In order to raise the funds required for development, EverDreamSoft plans to crowdsell these tokens with perks for those who get in early. The crowdsale will occur this summer via Koinify; stay tuned to NewsBTC for details.

EverDreamSoft is a video game company based out of Switzerland known for online […]

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