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By April 20, 2015Bitcoin Business
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Shaban Shaame is the CEO of EverdreamSoft, a tech company from Geneva, Switzerland. They got their start in video games, and are now entering the cryptocurrency space with an upcoming token crowdsale. Andrew Wagner of NewsBTC got the chance to ask him a few questions.

Andrew Wagner: So, you guys love video games at EverdreamSoft. Is that still your primary focus, or do you want to become a cryptocurrency company?

Shaban Shaame: At EverdreamSoft we love games and innovation. We love to create interfaces and products that people enjoy. We are convinced the blockchain will be the next huge innovation, like the Internet was, so we have become both a cryptocurrency company and a game company. Since there are Internet game companies, there are going to be blockchain-based game companies.

We believe crypto is too complex now for the masses, so we want to create products that use the blockchain without being too geeky–just simple and pleasant to use. We believe that as soon as people can use the blockchain with such a layer of abstraction, there will be a huge mass movement for the blockchain. Today you don’t have to understand the Internet to send an email or to play an MMORPG; gamers just want to play the game with their friends.

Andrew: So, is it safe to say that Moonga was your killer app? How succcessful has it been, and how’s the community’s reaction been to adding blockchain integration?

Shaban: Yes, Moonga was released in 2010; it was among the first free-to-play games. We got a serious advantage because people are more likely to download free games and spend later if they like it. So with Moonga, we had a low marketing cost and good revenue.

Today, everyone is doing free-to-play, and we can hardly compete with Blizzard doing free-to play-card games, for example. To stand out in the crowd, we need to innovate again, going where everyone will go in two years and take the first mover advantage.

We haven’t communicated about blockchain so far with most Moonga players. Since the technology is still complex, we are working to slowly teach them step by step.

The first step of connecting Moonga to the blockchain will appeal to a small group of players at first. People who understand and are committed enough to go through the complexity will experience the benefits, and many players will follow.

Our second step is to design a Bitcoin wallet that doesn’t seem like a Bitcoin wallet. Players will be able to view their assets and exchange them without the need to understand what a public key is or Counterparty are. They will just see their assets, and click a button to trade with other players.

Andrew: Let’s talk about Spells of Genesis. How will it be different from the original Moonga in terms of gameplay? Will there also be more extensive blockchain integration?

Shaban: Spells of Genesis takes place in the Moonga universe, but the game is completely different. SoG is an arcade RPG. While Moonga is pure strategy, Spells of Genesis is more casual with an arcade feeling. With SoG we’ll address a bigger market with more casual gamers.

SOG will have extensive blockchain integration everything in the game production model is based on cryptocurrency. The game will be financed by the market for the market.

BitCrystals are our crowdfunding digital assets. A paying player will be required to use BitCrystals to buy new characters or boosters. This way, people participating in the crowdsale will be pre-purchasing premium game currency.

Since the currency is limited, just like Bitcoin, its value will increase proportionally with the game’s demand. For example, a player who bought $100 worth of BitCrystals will have $100 worth of in game premium items. But if there is ab increasing demand, then his $100 worth of game purchasing power could grow to $1000, for example.

With the same amount of BitCrystal, he will be able to get far more game items. This way, a BitCrystal holder has an interest to get more players on board. So players are empowered to talk about the product because if it’s getting popular, it benefits them, as well.

Andrew: Anything else you want to add?

Shaban: I believe that blockchain technology will create a profound change on our society. It allows creators not only to share real time information with the market, but also assets and ownership. We are moving into a world where products are designed by the market for the market; we cut the traditional investor and middle man out of the picture.

I feel Bitcoin technology is so disruptive and beautiful that we need to reach the minds of everyone. But I also believe technology has to be simple and transparent to the end user. I think to reach mainstream users, it has to be told in simple words; this is the reason we designed our next game with beautiful illustrations that are an allegory to Bitcoin and the blockchain.

For more information, check out or previous article on Spells of Genesis.

Andrew Wagner: So, you guys love video games at EverdreamSoft. Is that still your primary focus, or do you want to become […]

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