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By August 15, 2015Bitcoin Business
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ArtByte, the digit currency for artists now has an online music store where people can pay with ArtByte to download any track available on the platform.

Bitcoin was first introduced in 2009, about a year after Satoshi Nakamoto published a paper on it. It was the first cryptocurrency at that time which caught the world by surprise. People weren’t sure whether it is for real, or whether it is just another game currency like the ones used in Second Life and other games. But as time passed, bitcoin caught up and led to the creation of numerous altcoins.

There are altcoins specifically created for almost everything on earth. Some of them tasted success and the rest faded into oblivion. The main reason for most of these altcoins to fail is the lack of user base.

ArtByte, a digital created specifically for artists is an altcoin with a specific target audience. The target audience being artists, ArtByte is focused on changing the way artists are remunerated. Artists in this context includes painters, musicians, actors, writers and more. Currently artists perform and sell their works of art across the world, be it a single music track worth no more than a dollar or a priceless painting worth thousands of dollars. ArtByte ensures that artists get the most out of their works by enabling fast and inexpensive transactions across geographical boundaries.

ArtByte was first created long back in 2014 under the name AppleByte. It was recently rechristened as ArtByte which given the purpose is more appropriate. ArtByte is created by ArtByte Foundation, a not for profit organization. ArtByte is available for trade on Poloniex and Bittrex digital currency exchange and trading platforms. In order to serve artists better, starting with singers and musicians, the organization has launched an online music store. The ArtByte music store available on the organization’s website allows artists to upload their music to make it available for sale. Music lovers and fans can download any music available on the platform irrespective of geography they are in after paying for it in ArtByte digital currency. What makes ArtByte more attractive is the fact that 100% of sales proceeds will go to the artist.

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