Digital Currency ‘Smartcoin’ Promises to Conquer Ecommerce!

By October 2, 2015Bitcoin Business
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Japanese startup Orb has launched a digital currency named ‘Smartcoin’ and is touting it as the ‘own private currency for Ecommerce.’

Quiet similar to Bitcoin, the currency is specifically aiming at ecommerce and to help these companies Orby has also announced several features that promise to win loyal base in a few days. Some of the salient features of this currency are:

  1. The digital currency comes with flexible reward option that allows a firm to increase customer loyalty with bonus coins. The coins are given to the users to welcome them to a particular program of the company and engage in the financial ecosystem.
  1. Smartcoin is a digital currency that enables one to continuously improve the customer KPIs by setting the coin’s expiration and natural depreciation schedules according to the firm’s unique business needs.
  1. Orb also claims that as this digital currency is a full-featured API and Mobile SDK enable reliable hence, secure integration with existing eCommerce platforms, mobile applications, and point-of-sale systems will be excellent. Those interested in the Smartcoin will be able to view and manage the SmartCoin program with an interactive dashboard.
  1. As the SmartCoin transactions are secured by robust ECDSA digital signatures and the SHA-256 cryptographic hash function hence, it is safe enough to use for Ecommerce companies. And not just that, since the SmartCoin transactions are authorized immediately and validated by the Orb network in just seconds for ultra-fast transaction settlement hence, those in an emergency will be able to fulfill their transaction needs faster.

The company has kept Smartcoin free for up to 500 users and has also provided the Orb Mobile SDK, a mobile app that provides easy access to common SmartCoin functions. The company has also provided a provision by which a consumer if he increases this mobile app usage, he will be able to also get loyalty marketing bonuses based on Orb’s flexible incentive design.

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