Kim Dotcom to use Blockchain & Smartphones to Build a Decentralized Internet

By October 30, 2015Bitcoin Business

Kim Dotcom to Build Decentralized Internet – MegaNet

MegaUpload creator Kim Dotcom is looking to reinvent the future if the Internet with the help of your smartphone, or 100 million smartphones that is. At the ongoing SydStart business startup conference in Sydney, he revealed a teaser into his next online project called MegaNet. The Internet is getting less and less decentralized
Maybe you fret with the amount of information sought out about you by surveillance bodies like the NSA, maybe you don’t.  You say, I have nothing to hide so let them look at my data, however, when laws are changed to suit others than your current data may play against you.  In a truly secure decentralized internet, like MegaNet perhaps you will retain some of your freedoms.

When Kim Dotcom launched MEGANet a decentralized internet in early 2013, global mass surveillance by rogue governments under the pretext of fighting terrorism was still a wild conjecture and its proponents were often touted as conspiracy theorists. Edward Snowden’s revelations 137 days later fundamentally changed public attitudes and it became excruciatingly clear that security by policy (“we have access to your data, but we promise to keep it confidential and not misuse it”) had not been good enough. Anything short of security by design (“we cannot gain access to your data without you being able to find out”), for which strong end-to-end encryption is an essential prerequisite, now seems grossly insufficient.

MEGA was architected around the simple fact that cryptography, for it to be accepted and used, must not interfere with usability. MEGA is fully accessible without prior software installs and remains the only cloud storage provider with browser-based high-performance end-to-end encryption. The only visible signs of the crypto layer operating under MEGA’s hood are the entropy collection during signup, the lack of a password reset feature and the novel (and browser-specific) ways file transfers are conducted. Today, millions of business and personal users rely on MEGA to securely and reliably store and serve petabytes of data and we believe that this success is the result of MEGA’s low barrier to entry to a more secure cloud.

You can learn more about Kim Dotcom’s Decentralized Internet, called MegaNet here: Decentralized Internet – MegaNet

Also, Kim Dotcom discusses his legal or illegal activities as well as the announcement of a new cloud storage service in this epic youtube video presentation here:

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