Vegas Casino Offers Attractive Bitcoin Bonuses to New Players

By November 16, 2015Bitcoin Business
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Popular Bitcoin gaming website Vegas Casino has brought an attractive “welcome bonus” to players making their first deposit into their platform.

The bonus, as stated in Vegas Casino’s official website, enables players to double their first deposit. So if someone deposits, say, 1 BTC, for the first time, he becomes liable to receive an additional 100% top up for their new gaming account, i.e. 2 BTC. To meet this attractive bonus plan, all players need to ensure a deposit of at least 1 mBTC in their account.

The first deposit bonus certainly comes handy for players who are making their first steps into the online betting industry. It is obvious that they lack adequate knowledge and therefore possess higher risks of losing money than a seasoned player. An extra deposit in their gaming account can definitely be treated as “trial money” through which they can learn and earn at the same time.

Vegas Casino doesn’t just stop here! The online Bitcoin betting platform places bonuses on each of its players’ steps. For instance: it also offers second deposit and reload bonus in addition to its welcome bonus. While second deposit bonus adds an additional 50% fund to a player’s account on their second deposits, the reload bonus enabled players to earn an additional 25% top up on deposits made after first and second deposits.

While the bonuses are an attractive way to engage players in betting more, it could somewhat lead a player to turn irresponsible in his gaming habits, and therefore face monetary losses. Vegas Casino perfectly understands the aftermath of such a scenario. The platform takes responsible gambling very seriously, and recommends all its players to consult them in case they wish to limit their gambling, gaming or betting.

Players can read more about Vegas Casino here.

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