And the Black Belt in Bitcoin News Plagiarism Goes To Cointelegraph

By November 17, 2015Bitcoin Business
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to a member of the Ghost Security group about ISIL and whether or not they use bitcoin in funding their operations

Last Saturday, I managed to talk . That article did quite well and was backlinked to by many mainstream news portals including Softpedia News, the polish news site Wykop and others. However, Cointelegraph opted to plagiarize the article and rewrite the same story without even thinking about backlinking to the original article written by me.

Nina Lyon, Cointelegraph’s plagiarism pro, claims that she “emailed” Ghost Security Group and surprisingly enough, she asked them one of the questions I asked them throughout my interview, and she got the same answer. Well, if she has really reached out for them, then why didn’t with come up with a unique question?

I tend to know someone personally who is a member of the Ghost Security Group, because I am planning on volunteering to work with them and he told me that the group prefers not to make any media appearance and that no one from Cointelegraph has interviewed any member of the group.

Cointelegraph’s Past History of Plagiarism:

It is not the first time that Cointelegraph plagiarizes one of NewsBTC’s articles, as last February they copied a research piece that we published that discussed quantitative easing and how it can affect cryptocurrencies.

Here is NewsBTC’s original article back then:

Here is the copied article by George Samman on Cointelegraph:

Last March, I talked to Allen, their editor-in-chief back then, and he added a link to my article back then after apologizing. However, Cointelegraph didn’t even bother to reply to my email regarding the recent plagiarism incident which reflects CT’s new policy; “We will plagiarize and we won’t give a damn about anyone!”.

Plagiarism is a plaque that is infesting the blogosphere and to me, plagiarizing an article is just like “pocket-picking”; a crime that has to be stopped by all means.

Newsbtc holds its rights to file a complaint against Cointelegraph to Google News and other search engine services.

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