Neo & Bee ex-CEO Brewster: “I’ve Made A Lot of Mistakes”

By January 14, 2016Bitcoin Business

Neo & Bee ex-CEO Brewster: Danny Brewster, ex-CEO of Neo & Bee, a Cyprus based Bitcoin company, who is accused of fraud against customers, has shown up in public trying to clear his reputation a few months before a court case settlement.

“I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I would rather not give a brief overview of what has happened, but it’s not what has been written about it,“ he stated during the StakePool Teamspeak talk . It was his first public appearance since being accused by Cyprus authorities and running out of the country in 2013. "A lot had been written about me moving to and living in a luxury apartment in Nicosia two months before everything collapsed. I had actually lived in a much bigger and nicer house before Neo & Bee was even seeded, but that doesn’t make headlines."

He says the claims of him disappearing with money are absolutely wrong. "People seem to make the assumption that I run off with some 9 000 bitcoins. There were months of development, branch opening, designing, marketing, so to say I just disappeared with everything is illogical. Where did the coins go? Well, to builders, designers, marketing, development and everything like that.”

He stated he was in the UK trying to sort that out and to recapitalize business after losses at Mt.Gox . "There was somebody driving people to complain that I disappeared and that was what drove them to go to the police and to raise the initial warrant. I said to the police right away I can clear this up, the coins are still in Cyprus in the paper wallet held in a safe, so I sent one of my close friends over there, he got the papers for me. They all get their coins and nobody lost anymore […]

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