SpectroCoin Launches Two New Bitcoin Debit Cards

By January 18, 2016Bitcoin Business

SpectroCoin has unveiled their Bitcoin debit cards, bringing more competition to this market. One of the main advantages of Bitcoin debit cards is how this medium creates an instrument for digital currency users to spend it in a more convenient fashion. The new Bitcoin debit cards offered by SpectroCoin are denominated in USD and GBP, which complement the company’s offering of EUR denominated cards.

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Various companies around the world are looking to break ground in the Bitcoin debit card sector these days. Whereas this medium was originally labelled as a niche product that did not represent the spirit of Bitcoin properly, it does provide a great way to spend Bitcoin wherever plastic card payments are accepted.

Unlike what many people would like to do, Bitcoin can not be spent just about anywhere in the world. This creates a bit of an awkward position where a lot of Bitcoin users are forced to convert digital currency into fiat to pay for shopping, food, and monthly recurring bills. Bitcoin debit cards offer a solution to a lot of those problems, although it is far from perfect.

By offering these Bitcoin debit cards in various denominations used around the world, it becomes easier for users to keep track of their balances. Furthermore, this removes the need for fiat currency conversion fees when using a specific card in a specific country. Using a USD card in Europe, for example, will cost a lot more than ordering a separate EUR card and funding it.

Considering how the price per SpectroCoin card starts at just US$0.50, there is no reason not to obtain additional Bitcoin Debit cards from the company. Funding the card and keep track of your balance […]

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