Daily Altcoin Price Analysis: Litecoin, Peercoin and Neucoin in stagnation, while DASH, ETH And Dogecoin Face Corrections

By January 19, 2016Bitcoin Business


LitecoinCT r: 68 price is in a corrective stage after a recent deep falling. The price move stopped at about $3, and wants to make an ascending movement to 3.20. However, it won’t be easy, as it must first break through the level of $3.10, but the triangle of the technical analysis presses it down to $2.90. Now it can only hope for Bitcoin to rise as LTC:BTC exchange rates can’t overcome the level of 0.008 anyway. DASH

DASH continues its correctional movement as well. The next target is the level of 0.01. The movement is strong therefore soon it is hardly worth expecting the price going higher than 0.012. Now it is interesting to make purchases around the level of 0.0075 and below. Dogecoin

DogecoinCT r: 57 starts giving up its position. It already moved to 38 Satoshi, and Dogecoin is not in the top ten on trading volume on Poloniex. My forecast remains the same: to wait till Dogecoin price fixes at the level of 35-36 Satoshi and placing buy orders below this level. ETH

The course ETH is rolling down from a level of 0.004. Thus possibly ETH will repeat its jump to the higher level. If bulls don’t have enough strength to do this, we will see ETH falling to 0.0033 and below. Purchases of ETH may become profitable at the level of 0.0025 and below. Peercoin

PeercoinCT r: 70 stands at the range of $0.39 – $0.41, while the PPC:BTC exchange rate is heading a little higher than 0.001. But Peercoin may stay at the point it is at now for a long time. I would recommend traders buy coins lower than $0.40 and to sell them when the price is higher than $0.42. Neucoin

NeuCoin NeucoinCT r: 88 trading volumes today are […]

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