Dash To Become The First Alternative To Bitcoin Offered By The Lamassu ATM Project

By January 20, 2016Bitcoin Business

In an interview with CoinTelegraph , Evan Duffield , the founder and lead developer of the Dash Project, revealed that DashCT r: 84 (formerly known as Darkcoin) had successfully struck a deal with Lamassu ATM who are now going to offer Dash along with Bitcoin in their ATMs.

LamassuCT r: 171 owns about 40% of all Bitcoin ATMs and is the leader in BTM business with 26% of the market share in BTMs .

Evan Duffield said: “We’re really happy to announce that the Dash project is going to be the first alternative to BitcoinCT r: 11 to be supported by the Lamassu ATM project. This is really exciting, because the Lamassu ATM project has about 150 ATMs all around the world. We will be exclusively offered on their platform alongside Bitcoin.” Co-founder of Deginner , Ira Miller , who has been in the Bitcoin space since 2011 was the key to negotiating this deal. Evan Duffield added: “We’ve managed to negotiate this deal by forming a strategic partnership with Deginner. Ira Miller, the founder of Deginner has a team with a great deal of experience developing for the Lamassu system.” Deginner is an open source software development team focussed on decentralised technology and public blockchains.

However, Evan refused to comment when asked about the potential that Lamassu might have seen in Dash to strike this deal. Although, he further added “I believe they try to be supportive of the whole cryptocurrency space and were happy to merge the changes to their ATM if we could find someone capable of implementing the changes required.”

When asked what else is new at Dash, Evan said that ‘Dash Evolution’ is the next generation of the Dash project and is going to provide a new user-friendly experience.

Evan Duffield is to give a presentation on 22nd January […]

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