Bitcoin Offers Better Rewards Than A Chromecast For Android Pay Users

By January 21, 2016Bitcoin Business

Bitcoin Offers Better Rewards Than A Chromecast For Android Pay Users. newsbtc There is a lot of excitement in the world of payments these days, especially now that so many companies are focusing their attention on the mobile space. With so many consumers owning a mobile device that has Internet connection capabilities, contactless payments are evolving to this new medium. Android Pay is Google’s answer to mobile payments, and users can now get a free Chromecast when using the option. Bitcoin, on the other hand, offers proper incentives and rewards that are not tangible. Get A Chromecast For Paying With Android Pay

In the mobile payment sector, a war is going on between manufacturers and operating system creators. Everyone wants to be the top payment method for mobile users around the world, and Google has entered the arena by releasing Android Pay to US customers. Keeping in mind how Android is the largest mobile operating system in the world, there is a large potential customer base for this feature.

But Google wouldn’t be Google without a proper marketing strategy for their new mobile payment solution. Under the Tap 10 rules and guidelines, anyone who uses Android Pay in the US and other eligible territories will be rewarded for doing so. As a reward, they can either choose the one-time free Google Music code for a track of their choice, of obtaining a Chromecast . Participants must be aged 13 or older and reside in the US to be eligible for either reward.

For those Android Pay users who want to obtain a free Chromecast, they will need to create or own a Google Payments account. This step is required to redeem the gift code Google will send out, which can then be redeemed with the purchase of a Chromecast at […]

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