Voxelus CEO: Voxel is a “Currency for a Real Product” – Virtual Reality

By April 12, 2016Bitcoin Business

Voxelus is a virtual reality content creation platform with its own in-game cryptocurrency, the Voxel (VOX). The firm claims its marketplace is the world’s largest source of virtual reality content right now, with more than 500 original assets, 50 fully working games, and more than 7,000 pieces of additional content through partnerships. All its content will be compatible with Samsung VR and Oculus Rift, with support for other VR environments under development. Payments for the titles developed with the platform will be available exclusively through the Voxelus appstore and may only be purchased using the Voxel cryptocurrrency.

The startup seems to be already very well connected in the cryptocurrencies world. Uphold was the first company to partner with Voxelus in the creation of its cryptocurrency. Uphold developed the VOX digital wallet and other back-end financial integration to power the Voxelus Marketplace. In return for developing the VOX digital wallet, Uphold took a percentage of the Voxelus pre-mined float. Voxels are listed on Bittrex and planned to be added to ShapeShift by the end of April. ShapeShift founder Erik Voorhees was responsible for naming the in-game cryptocurrency token and ShapeShift was an early investor in Voxels and facilitated its $500,000 crowdsale.

Finance Magnates discussed the the innovative platform with Martin Repetto, the CEO of Voxelus Studios Inc. Repetto is an Argentinean software industry veteran who has been working for the past 17 years developing everything from e-commerce platforms and dynamic web development to mobile applications and video games.

How did the idea to combine cryptocurrencies and VR games come about?

We were inspired by sci-fi novels such as Snowcrash and Ready Player On. The idea of virtual worlds with their own virtual currency is not new, but we are just trying to bring them together as they are truly a perfect match.


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