Bitseed Opens A Custom Full Node Shop

By June 17, 2016Bitcoin Business
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Bitseed Opens A Custom Full Node Shop

The plug-and-play Bitcoin full-node company called Bitseed has just announced it will be filling custom orders for its flagship node product. Bitseed has frequently been asked about adding different designs, software and modified hardware to the company’s devices since they started the project in 2015. Due to the team’s passion for bringing the Bitcoin network to the entire world, the firm says they are thrilled to offer a new custom shop to the public.


Bitseed is a plug-and-play full node manufacturer founded by Mike Doty, Jay Feldis, Konn Danley, and John Light back in May of 2015. The hardware they created runs the official Bitcoin Core open source client and maintains the entire blockchain without slowing up your desktop or laptop. The founding members of Bitseed say they are very confident about the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions. Most people would agree that spreading full Bitcoin nodes across the map strengthens and secures the network. With Bitseed’s device anyone can plug in the product and help the Bitcoin protocol flourish. Now with its new custom shop service, customers can make their nodes even more unique. In the past, they have made a small batch of custom nodes and thought the designs people were coming up with were really cool. Bitseed explains they are thrilled to start making more of them saying:

“We are excited to announce that we are formalizing our custom order process and opening up the Bitseed Custom Shop to the public! We will now be accepting orders for custom nodes from Bitcoin enthusiasts, businesses, nonprofits, open source projects, and anyone else who wants their own unique Bitseed.”

Customers can start creating a custom design by using the company’s order form to choose different color applications for their own unique 1TB nodes. Of course, they will have to review the consumer’s choice designs to make sure they can make the product and Bitseed will finalize the process with you. After an agreement is met and Bitseed can make the device or multiple devices, then they will send you a complete invoice for the cost to manufacture the node. Once Bitseed receives payment, the unit will then begin to be built and shipped to the customer after completion.

Bitseed nodes have a friendly user interface the company says, and users can perform many functionalities using the device such as node’s status and verifying connections. The company also claims the Bitseed user interface keeps security in mind, and the products are optimized to be worry free when it comes to security-based issues. Bitseed’s product comes with a hard disk drive holding a full Bitcoin blockchain and automatically runs bitcoind as well. Users don’t need a monitor as that is optional but Bitseed nodes can support a mouse, keyboard and HDMI monitor. Alongside these features, users can install the 21 inc. Bitcoin client on a Bitseed node by following these directions.

Thanks to @BitseedOrg for this custom #bitcoin node – @DCGco is proud to support the Bitcoin network! @lightcoin

— DigitalCurrencyGroup (@DCGco) May 6, 2016

So far Bitseed has been doing very well for itself and sold out the company’s first batches when they first started offering the full node product. The company has received pretty good reviews from happy customers as well as established organizations such as the Digital Currency Group as well. Bitseed offers a quick start guide for those who just received their ordered product and once the device is powered it will take a little time to catch up to the current block height. Bitseed full nodes are meant to run continuously, and the company recommends keeping the device running 24/7 for maximum optimization. The Bitseed team says they look forward to filling custom orders and creating out-of-the-box designs that make a statement for those who support the network!

Images via Bitseed’s Twitter page and DGC’s Twitter page

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