Opair Project’s Cryptocurrency ICO: Functional Programming, Decentralized Debit Cards and a Unique Blockchain Platform

By August 15, 2016Bitcoin Business
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Opair, the Open and Fair cryptocurrency platform is holding the ICO of it crypto token Opair (XPO).

BERLIN, Aug. 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Opair, the new cryptocurrency platform announced the launch of its ICO, on July 26, 2016. The Opair crypto tokens (XPO) can be bought by investors during the month-long ICO period.

The Opair cryptocurrency platform was founded by Frank H. Rettig and the project currently has three people working on various aspects of the digital currency platform. In addition to being a medium of value exchange like Bitcoin, Opair also includes few key features on the roadmap including a Crowdfunding platform, support for Colored Coins, Decentralized Debit Cards, Private Chains, customized Ocaml based Smart Contracts support and a Market Core with decentralized reputation system.

The idea of a decentralized debit card and using a new approach with the use of functional programming are two points that deserve to be highlighted in this project.

  1. Debit cards were in our minds since day one, for it is one of the preferred payment methods of customers nowadays and we aim to mass market adoption, so this goal may not be too surprising. The idea is to eliminate all the intermediaries in the process in order to save time and money. Our final goal it is that any person can create their own debit card, anywhere, and a few moments later, carry it out and about without difficulties. We would like to be the firsts in launching this feature that we will be seeked and cherished in the near future and as we are an open source project we would like to share it to all the community as we understand this philosophy as a benefit that benefits the community as a whole. This will also allow growth, improvement and usage from other projects.
  2. As regards Smart Contracts (to support DAOs, legal contracts, crowdfundings, prediction markets, IoT, Prediction Markets, Dapps, etc.) we decided to work with functional programming instead of imperative programming languages after doing some research on Solidity. Although neither Haskell nor OCaml, the most recognizable functional programming languages, meet our expectations we decided to work with a personalized version of OCaml. Our approach will not be to get an easy to code language, instead it will be reaching a solid solution that it will not be easy to be manipulated but it will make a difference.

Inspired by Bitcoin and Ethereum, Opair is an open project, built from scratch. The platform intends to ensure a fair ICO by distributing 100 percent of the crypto tokens through the campaign and initial PoW mining. The initial PoW phase will include only 9 percent of the overall XPOs created at the moment to prevent any manipulation by miners and stakeholders over a period of one year. Rest of the Opair tokens will be up for sale at the ICO. Once the IPO and PoW phase is over, Opair will switch to PoS consensus algorithm.


Name: Opair (XPO)
Algorithm: PoW+PoS (Fairly distribution)
Total Coins: 74,000,000 XPO
Annual Interest: 3%
Minimum Stake Age: 12 hours
Block Time: 60 seconds

Term 1 – Pre– Announcement

  • Announcement
  • Web
  • Signature Campaign
  • Block explorer and tools
  • Translate the thread
  • Bounty
  • Donation FAQ

Term 2 – Development

  • Extensive White paper and wiki about our new programming language on GitHub.
  • New wallet, focus on easy to use for everyone and mass market adoption.
  • Alias System.
  • Decentralized debit cards.
  • Light client
  • Implement trusted system and market core.
  • Support for assets-contracts via colored coins.
  • Smart Contracts on a programming language based on OCaml.
  • Private Chains.
  • Decentralized voting, messaging & mailing system.
  • Crowdfunding platform.
  • At this point, we want to focus on the speed and scalability of our platform.

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