Paxful Rolls Out P2P Affiliate Programs for Bitcoin Traders

By August 17, 2016Bitcoin Business
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A US-based Bitcoin marketplace claims that it has launched a new breed of affiliation program for traders.

Paxful Roots, as the program is titled, is created under the watch of Delaware-based Paxful Inc. It is marketed as one of the world’s first peer-to-peer affiliate programs, in which traders referring business to Bitcoin sellers earn up to 2% of the total purchase made. Paxful’s role, meanwhile, stays committed towards providing wallet services to safely store and transact funds.

Paxful Roots appears to be a natural ally to blog-, website-, and app-owners looking to make some extra cash. They will only need to signup with Paxful, and get their affiliate link and ID. The link, in particular, will be needed to spread through partners’ respective services. And once interested buyer use these links to purchase Bitcoins from sellers, the affiliate partner’s Paxful wallet will be instantly loaded with Bitcoins. Paxful added:

“While most other sites offer you a cut of their 2% we think you should earn a lot more. If a trader earns a premium of 50% then they could offer up to 75% of that. You refer business straight to them and get a huge portion of their sales. This is the free market peer to peer style of affiliate marketing that really makes sense.”

Peer-to-peer, meanwhile, continues to stay at the centerstage of Paxful services. The Bitcoin marketplace already utilizes the distributed application architecture for buying and selling the digital currency. It somewhere enables traders to act like an exchange, where they have full rights over their funds, whether its related to purchasing or selling Bitcoins.

Paxful’s decentralized features have earlier earned it accolades in Money 20/20 conference. The US platform appears to attract even more crowd with its latest affiliation program — the first of its kind.

The payment methods available at Paxful include Amazon Gift Cards, PayPal, Western Union, amongst many others.

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