CEX.IO Introduces New Fee Schedule to Improve Bitcoin Trading

By August 22, 2016Bitcoin Business
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CEX.IO, the London-based cryptocurrency exchange, has introduced a new feature to its fee schedule, its most recent innovation to encourage higher market liquidity and improve bitcoin trading. The new Maker-Taker fee schedule sets the maker fee to 0%.

The 0% maker fee is CEX.IO’s latest incentive to make bitcoin trading and commerce easier. Bitcoin gives everyone more flexibility with their money, and CEX.IO’s innovations in trading and withdrawing funds will encourage people to join the bitcoin economy, strengthening bitcoin’s future and making more people financially independent.

CEX.IO welcomes bitcoin traders to take advantage of this revolutionary incentive. Anyone who is not already trading bitcoin can open a CEX.IO account for free and start trading.

How It Works

Here is how it works. The maker places the trade order in the order book while the taker matches the maker’s order. Makers, in essence, create market liquidity. The longer they trade, the lower their fees in comparison to traders’ fees.

Takers, for their part, use market liquidity by matching makers’ orders, driving market movement and building a tighter market spread.
The new fee structure also presents a standard 0.2% fee for takers on all trade pairs.

As always, special trade conditions are possible for high-volume traders, Verified Plus and corporate accounts. In the near future, CEX.IO will further improve the Maker-Taker model by introducing volume tiering.

The new fee schedule is not the only exciting new feature from CEX.IO.

CEX.IO has lowered the fees for withdrawals of fiat currencies to Visa and MasterCard payment cards, starting from $3.80 per withdrawal. Users can make instant withdrawals of USD, EUR and RUB to Visa and MasterCard payment cards at low commissions.

But that’s not all!

Easy Deposit And Withdrawal

CEX.IO has completed the full circle of fiat currency flows to standard payment cards. Users can deposit and withdraw bitcoin in just a few clicks once they link their payment card to their CEX.IO profile. Talk about convenience!


CEX.IO processes requests automatically. There is no need to log in to a third-party service. Most withdrawals process instantly.

Check it out now:

1. Go to your CEX.IO wallet and click “withdraw.”
2. Specify the amount to withdraw and the card to credit.
3. Confirm withdrawal with 2FA.
4. Enjoy using your withdrawn funds!

The fees for using card payments are as follows:

Withdrawal Fees

• $ 3.80 per USD withdrawal
• € 3.50 per EUR withdrawal
• 2.5% + ₽ 30.00 per RUB withdrawal

• 1.2% + $ 3.80 per USD withdrawal
• 1.2% + € 3.50 per EUR withdrawal
• 2.5% + ₽ 30.00 per RUB withdrawal

Deposit fees

Visa, MasterCard
• 3.5% + $ 0.25 per USD deposit
• 3.5% + € 0.20 per EUR deposit
• 5.25% + ₽ 15.57 per RUB deposit

Users can use both debit and credit cards by Visa or MasterCard in absolutely any currency.


Innovation Continues

CEX.IO continuously seeks new ways to make bitcoin trading more convenient and joining the bitcoin economy easier.

CEX.IO offers a FIX API solution for institutional and high-volume traders. Traders can request access to the documentation, significantly higher liquidity and special trade conditions by sending a request to web@cex.io.

Bitcoin trading is especially easy on CEX.IO, as its unique trade engine backs advanced order-matching algorithms.

Traders can execute high-volume orders and apply market making trading, high-frequency trading and scalping strategies, thanks to CEX.IO’s order book liquidity.

Traders can place limit and market orders. Trade fees are 0% to 0.2%.

Traders can trade on the CEX.IO website, mobile app, WebSocket and REST API.FIX API for institutional trades. They can download reports, check balances in real time, and view transaction history, complete with all fees.

CEX.IO’s trading engine offers fast order execution, low spread, and access to a high liquidity order book for top currency pairs.

The most commonly used payment methods can be used to buy bitcoin on CEX.IO: Visa, MasterCard, bank transfer systems like SWIFT and SEPA, along with cryptocurrency.

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Commitment To Security

Users can feel confident that their funds will be protected against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, thanks to full data encryption and compliance with PCI DSS standards.

No matter where they are living, users can access CEX.IO, since it services 99% of the world’s countries and 24 states in the United States.

Users can rest assured that CEX.IO operates according to proper legal requirements, as it is registered in the U.K., holds money service business status with the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, and is licensed with numerous banks.

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