Lara Attracts $1m Deposit in Just 5 Days

By August 22, 2016Bitcoin Business
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Telegram-based bot Lara has attracted over $1 million worth deposits to its Bitcoin investment project.

The automatic trust management system, which was launched with an aim to offer passive income options to customers, has gained momentum over the past few weeks. At least the statistics prove the claim, which shows that over 16,000 participants invested a total of $3 million into Lara. It also states that people who joined the Bitcoin investment bandwagon some 65 days ago are already making 3X profit.

The figures somewhat validates Lara’s claims of doing fruitful reinvestments with clients’ deposits. The platform, according to its website, invests raised funds in some carefully analyzed and selected long-term investment projects on the internet. And when the stakes into these projects begin to grow more funds, Lara withdraws the profits bit-by-bit, and returns them to their original investors as passive incomes.

“The realized profit is distributed among the investors and the system under the conditions 70/30,” Lara confirmed.

It could be perhaps one of the major factors behind Lara’s recent success. The other reason, as one could analyze, could be the way the platform utilizes the secure messaging app Telegram. Lara exclusively operates the said cross-platform application to enable investors interact with each other in a safe and secure investment. Lara also utilizes Telegram as a mean to stay in touch with its clients in order to provide them instant customer support.

“If you have any suggestions relating to the improvement of our service or questions concerning active cooperation, then you can add us to your Telegram @lara_creators and ask us questions,” Lara added.

It is undoubtedly Lara’s ability to communicate — and provide profits within the promised time — which makes it one of the most successful Bitcoin investment projects in recent times.

Interested customers can find more information on the platform here.

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