LARA announces $3 million investment – $1 million+ in 5 days

By August 23, 2016Bitcoin Business
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LARA, which operates on the belief that nothing is impossible in a world that gives equal opportunity to everyone and that the worst situations can turn out to be the most beneficial ones, has reported a $3m investment in its automatic fund management system.

It says on its Telegram news channel:

“Now, nothing can stop this overwhelming growth! People who joined 65 days ago already on the way for their 3X deposit return. What an amazing result, right? But it is nothing compared with our last five days results which made us break all the limits! More than $3m invested, over $1m were deposited just in five days!”

It added that the platform now has 16,000 active participants around the world.

LARA’s technology, which unites all the most effective ways of generating funds to enable platform members increase their income without having to study investing, cheat, or get taken advantage of by schemes, creates an investing platform that paves the way to a better future with innovation. It combines the experience of how things have been done with new technology to allow more people to build wealth more than ever before.

The official private US Delaware-based organisation that generates passive income indefinitely by analyzing and selecting the best investment projects on the internet to manage investors’ funds had last week announced that after eight days before hitting its first $1 million investments, over $2 million has been deposited by more than 12,000 active users around the world.

As an automatic fund management system based on the highly secure messaging, it has one investment plan that is available on any device for instant availability of funds, daily, without time limits or restrictions.

It is an interactive program that is able to learn, communicate with users, help them to develop and unify based on general topics.

It can be considered the most stable and powerful instrument to help generate passive income as combined with the most advanced security and data protection tools.

It works perfectly on any platform that supports Telegram – mobile devices and tablets that run Android, iOS, Windows Phone, PC and laptops with the operating systems PC, Mac, and Linux, as well as web – versions in any browser.

Telegram is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security. It is a cloud-based messenger with seamless sync which enables access to messages from several devices at once, including tablets and computers. It is based on the MTProto protocol built upon time-tested algorithms to make security compatible with high-speed delivery and reliability on weak connections.

Telegram is not intended to bring a profit, so commercial interests are never believed to interfere with its mission. The platform believes no one can claim that Telegram messages can be deciphered and offers to award a $300,000 to whoever can prove that claim.

Some of the recent developments at LARA include the addition of Payza as a payment processor method for depositing funds by investors from United States, Asia Europe and around the globe. This comes handy with the Bitcoin features that make users’ transactions private and secure as well as other features that allow users to withdraw money on their Visa or MasterCard.

After announcing that the security of the system has been improved, LARA is now ready to turn on instant payouts up to $10,000.

It also started a new level of financial relations in the community called LARA transfer which allows each member of LARA community to share their funds directly with each other. In this arrangement, Telegram’s most powerful data protection technologies will store the available funds in a user’s account and transfer them instantly anywhere in the world, without any commissions and limitations, to any platform user.

And starting Monday, 22 August, LARA will make its first international live webinar from one of the strongest community leader – Alex Knipper from Germany (over $200K team deposited in 60 days).

Some of the topics to be discussed include knowing more about the LARA community, how to build a great team and generate amazing revenue in no time and how to feel the vibe and understand why thousands of people have joined the LARA global team. The webinar on Monday will hold between 7PM – 9PM Germany time (CEST +0200 UTC).

LARA has recorded over 117,000 views on its YouTube channel in the past two months where all relevant videos, testimonials and reviews are published.

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